MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, April 28, 2014 ( – Google has removed ads from numerous crisis pregnancy centers on the grounds that the content may mislead women seeking an abortion, according to NARAL Pro-Choice America.

NARAL claimed that its own web searches found that women seeking an abortion facility instead receive ads for pro-life women's health centers up to 79 percent of the time.

“CPCs deliberately lie to women to stop them from choosing abortion care, but they took their deception to a new level through manipulative Google ads,” NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue said in an e-mail to supporters, which was obtained by LifeSiteNews.


NARAL reported these websites to Google, saying their actions infringe on the internet giant's web policy against false advertising. The pro-abortion group claims Google has removed two-thirds of the website ads it reported.

A Google spokesman promised, “If we find violations, we'll take the appropriate actions — including account disablings and blacklists — as quickly as possible.”

“CPCs and their allies will see Google’s actions as a direct threat to their business model built on lies,” Hogue said.

It is unclear what “business model” Hogue refers to, since crisis pregnancy centers offer their clients free care and supplies. Their funding, often minimal, comes from donors, not clients.

Although Hogue says “we have no problem with their existing,” she added that NARAL will contact other web services to remove pro-life health care ads from the internet. “We're hoping other actors will follow suit,” she said.

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NARAL has targeted CPCs, which offer women an alternative to abortion, for some time. Last summer, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia received saturation media coverage of its “undercover” videotape of “lies that a woman hears when she goes to a CPC” (crisis pregnancy center). Critics say that list contains zero falsehoods.

One of the “lies” NARAL highlighted was a counselor's words that there is a God, and, “You will face that child again one day. At the end of the world, you're going to know that was my child that I chose to kill.” Hogue went on MSNBC to call the comment “unthinkable.”