National Broadcaster CBC Compares New Prime Minister Harper to Hitler



By Terry Vanderheyden

OTTAWA, January 26, 2006 ( – Some viewers are calling for censorship of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation after the publicly-funded broadcaster juxtaposed the word “Heil,” a word associated with Hitler, next to “Harper” in its evening television news broadcast, The National.

The National Post published an e-mail response from the CBC to a man who complained about the broadcast. Claiming that the word was the result of a bad cut-and-paste job, they said it was intended to promote a news segment called “campaign confidential.”“An editor chose to capture part of the word ‘their’ for the graphic and with a cursor before the ‘r,’ it seemed to spell heil,” the CBC explained. “We sincerely apologize for that.”

View the video of the broadcast and judge for yourself (Windows Media):

Joel Johannesen, who posted the video clip on his weblog, Proud To Be Canadian, commented: “The Liberal Party has officially completed its unsuccessful campaign of hate against all conservative Canadians, but the state-run CBC never finished its campaign – its mission – even if the election is over,” he wrote.

“I captured a moment from the state-run media’s headline news show, through which they hope to educate the citizens with their official state-sponsored news and leftist muckraking and attitude adjustment of Canadians on behalf of, well, not conservative Canadians, it seems to me,” Johannesen added. “They claim they made a mistake. Well they did.”

Other commentators expressed their opinions on the issue at Proud To Be Canadian. “Disband the CBC,” emphasized daverbonz. “Its usefulness is long since past.”

“No less than Peter Mansbridge himself should apologise to Stephen Harper on The National tonight,” wrote another commentator named Terry. “And if Mansbridge has any class at all he will. We should not just let another one of these ‘slip by’ with the pathetic CBC response of ‘oh it was just a mistake,’” he added. “Yes, heads should roll…it was obviously intentional.”

Blogger gotabrain from The Peoples Republic of Ontario added that “Maybe the new government should make a ‘mistake’ and forget to put CBC’s cheque in the mail.”

Read Johannesen’s blog:

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