National Group Launches Petition Calling for Morgentaler Order of Canada Appointment to be Revoked

Thu Jul 3, 2008 - 12:15 pm EST

By Steve Jalsevac

  TORONTO, Ontario, July 3, 2008 ( ) - Canada’s national pro-life political organization, Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), in response to the wave of opposition to the Morgentaler Order of Canada appointment, has developed an Internet petition by which all citizens and even non-Canadians may jointly call for the appointment to be revoked by the Governor General. See: 

  a) Canadian Petition:
  b) American and International Petition:

  Since the organization broke the Morgentaler story in a press release this past Saturday at noon, CLC has been inundated with telephone calls. National Organizer Mary Ellen Douglas, located in Kingston, Ontario, told LifeSiteNews that she has conducted at least 30 print, radio and television interviews and answered numerous additional calls for clarification. The National Office in Toronto has also been responding to a flood of communications. Many other organization leaders also reported a strong response as they and their fellow Canadians came to learn of the shocking development.

  CLC President Jim Hughes says he has been amazed at the extent of opposition to the award by the public and many Members of Parliament. He said he quickly realized that his organization had to assist the public to properly direct their calls for the Order to be revoked.

  CLC and other groups have been providing the contact information of those who should be emailed and called about the issue, and Campaign Life Coalition, in cooperation with Angelina Steenstra of Silent no More Awareness, has now just launched an online national petition campaign calling for Morgentaler’s appointment to the Order of Canada to be revoked. Steenstra, who heads the Canadian branch of an organization of women and men who regret their abortion decisions, will be presenting the printout of the names to the Prime Minister and the Governor General.

  The petition campaign has been designed to protect the privacy of signers. Only the name, city and province of signers will appear on the petition website. Campaign Life Coalition has consulted several leaders to arrive at the most appropriate wording for the petition. This took a few days to get just right.

  Other life and family organization leaders have also expressed support for such a petition campaign during recent discussions among the leaders about the Order of Canada travesty. They have emphasized, however, that personal telephone calls and emails are also needed at this time.

  To join in the petition campaign see:

  a) Canadian Petition:

  b) American and International Petition:

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