TORONTO, Mar 30 ( – In today’s editorial in the National Post, Terrance Corcoran notes that “behind the Harris government program (of creating massive ‘parks’) are the deep green extremists of the so-called ‘wildlands’ movement. which is dedicated to resettling the entire continent and corralling people into tightly controlled areas.” LifeSiteNews received charges of having “finally snapped” for issuing reports yesterday that “the aim of programs which purport to stop the supposed loss of “biological diversity” is ultimately population control.”

Corcoran, respected editor of The Financial Post, wrote today that the “aim is to expropriate much of North America and have the land declared off-limits to humans.” “Among their backers,” said Corcoran ,“are Dave Foreman, founder of Earth First, and population-control zealot Paul Erlich.”

LifeSite News has been warning the public for some time about the gravity of these depopulation land-use policies and other attempts by well-connected depopulation fanatics to drastically cut the world’s population. Corcoran’s editorial adds credibility to the argument that these dangerous ideas must be taken seriously and opposed.