TORONTO, July 31, 2003 ( – Uncharacteristically, but perhaps to be expected as part of recent major changes in editorial leadership,  the National Post ran a highly biased, lengthy, page two article today tagged ‘History’ and titled, “Pope Joins 15 Centuries of Activism”.  The blatantly anti-Catholic column by Joseph Brean, slams the Catholic Church’s attempt to provide moral leadership to the political sphere on the issue of gay ‘marriage’ as a result of the Vatican’s unabated “pre-occupation with politics”.  A Prof. Braun is quoted as stating, “yesterday’s edict on gay marriages is an attempt by the Church to reclaim lost power”.  Faithful Catholics instead see the document as Rome exercising its natural pastoral and charitable duty to encourage society to avoid social harm following the undermining of marriage.  The Post article concludes with three paragraphs purporting that the Church’s stand is undermined by a bizarre claim that “research has suggested that the Church supported, blessed, and even had a special ceremony for same-sex unions before about 1400.”  Brean writes that “Saints Sergius and Bacchus and the apostles Philip and Bartholomew were said to be blessed in their same-sex unions by early Church leaders, in a forgotten ceremony whose name translates literally as ‘the making of brothers’.” Large photos of 1600’s paintings of two of the saints are published with the article.

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