January 13, 2006 ( – Canada’s pro-life voters once again have a reliable source of candidate and party information for the 2006 federal election. Campaign Life Coalition reports it is now able to present supporters with data on the life and family views of almost 800 federal election candidates. The easy to use, professionally designed Campaign Life Coalition Candidate Evaluations database can be found at

Using responses to its questionnaire gathered by volunteers across the country, as well as MP voting records, telephone and other interviews and media reports, organizers have been able to present a substantial amount of information to aid supporters to cast an informed vote.

The organization is reporting the stances of primarily the Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Green and Christian Heritage Party candidates as well as the more notable independents.

CLC national organizer, Mary Ellen Douglas, says that information is still coming in fast and that this is expected to continue almost up to election day. Her team, she says, is barely able to keep up with the additions, clarifications and some corrections to the database being sent in by candidates and CLC volunteers.

Douglas says, despite attempts by many candidates to withhold their views on the life and marriage issues from voters, there have been many others who believe it is important to let voters know what they actually stand for.

The CLC Election page may also be accessed via