TORONTO, August 21, 2003 ( – Campaign Life Coalition Canada (CLC), the political arm of the pro-life movement in Canada, has warned politicians that there are “serious problems” with the line of thinking which “would support the idea of recognizing same-sex civil unions as an acceptable alternative to legalizing same-sex ‘marriage.’”  Although there are many reasons to oppose homosexual ‘unions’, in its September newsletter, CLC presents one moral and one practical reason:  “First, the debate about legal recognition of same-sex relationships is about more than the word “marriage”; there can be no legal recognition of a relationship based on immoral activity. The compromise or alternative of a formal, legal registry of homosexual relationships concedes that such relationships are a morally valid lifestyle choice. This is simply untrue. Whether you call it a registered union or “marriage,” such recognition is nothing less than a societal stamp of approval on such a relationship. We must not forget that the law is seen as a teacher. Our youth will become more disoriented and vulnerable than ever as the recognition of same-sex unions would seemingly give them a green light to engage in even more and riskier sexual activities.  “Second, once you have conceded the legitimacy of such relationships by formally recognizing them, it will be impossible in the long term to deny “marriage” to same-sex couples. Gay activists will not be happy with the two-pronged approach to recognizing relationships “one for heterosexuals and one for homosexuals. “Civil unions” is hardly a even stop-gap measure. Marriage and the family lose either way. While many MPs are earnestly searching for a compromise, on some issues compromise is impossible. The legal recognition of same-sex relationships, whether using the word “marriage” or “union,” is one such issue.”  CLC encourages all concerned Canadians to let their elected officials know that legal recognition of civil unions for those involved in homosexual relationships is an unacceptable compromise.  See the full CLC newsletter: