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(LifeSiteNews) – A 2018 document ordered by the Obama-Biden administration and Congress suggested using “biothreat” exercises and communication strategies to “expedite desired response actions,” further hinting at a planned COVID pandemic.

Several previous articles provided information which, when combined, may lead the reasonable person to conclude that the COVID-19 pandemic may be some sort of pre-planned hoax, ruse, ploy, secret/covert national security exercise, “false flag,” or other type of strategic deception enacted by the U.S. federal government and international governments.

While it is probably not impossible to completely falsify a pandemic by falsifying information about a virus which really does not exist, one of the COVID-is-a-hoax hypotheses includes the more likely scenario that a mostly not dangerous coronavirus which causes the common cold was already infecting humans for many years. Then, after years of planning, at the beginning of 2020, powerful government entities either publicly identified the coronavirus for the first time or renamed and “re-branded” an already publicly identified common-cold causing coronavirus, falsely claimed it is new and “novel,” falsely claimed that it is much more dangerous than it really is, and falsified numbers of cases and deaths in part to cause public fear and uncertainty. Motivations for falsifying a pandemic may be different for different persons involved.

The recent articles mentioned that some of the strongest evidence suggesting that COVID-19 is some sort of a hoax can be deduced from U.S. federal laws which were changed soon before COVID-19. One major law change in October 2019 seemingly attempted to ensure that U.S. government officials could potentially legally falsify an “emerging threat,” such as a coronavirus pandemic, as a National Security Exercise. This is a very big deal. In fact, this 2019 U.S. federal law update allowing for “emerging” threat national exercises is likely significant enough by itself to support the claim that COVID-19 is likely some sort of national security exercise, hoax, etc.

The basic argument which was mentioned in a previous article is significant enough to repeat: the apparently implied intent of the U.S. federal government legalizing “emerging” threats in the National Exercise Program in October of 2019 was to perform such an emerging threat national exercise sometime after October of 2019.

Then, in early 2020, a coronavirus pandemic (an “emerging infectious disease threat”) reportedly began in New York City and then reportedly spread throughout the nation. Mere coincidence of the two events – U.S. federal law change allowing “emerging” threat national exercises followed by a national pandemic of an emerging infectious disease threat – is possible but unlikely due to the uncommonness of “emerging infectious disease” pandemics. Therefore, a reasonable person may conclude that there is a high probability that the COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax, national (and international) “exercise,” or other type of planned falsified event.

Another potentially significant indicator that COVID-19 is a hoax was U.S. Congress changing the legal definition of “biological product” only a few weeks before the reported emergence of COVID-19; this seemingly ensured mRNA COVID-19 products could be labeled as “vaccines” and then forcibly injected into Americans after draconian mandatory vaccination rules and regulations – if the proper national emergency situation expedited such an opportunity.

And only a few weeks after the change in the U.S. federal law governing vaccines, a coronavirus pandemic national emergency provided such an opportunity for mRNA injections to be forced into the bodies of Americans by the federal government. Again, coincidence is possible but a reasonable person could say it is unlikely.

And then there was the COVID-19 pandemic information provided by the government in the beginning which was questionable enough to suggest that the numbers of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths were incorrect and potentially deliberately falsified. Then there is the question of whether the average person can tell if others, like public health officials and politicians, were pretending or acting, as some thought the COVID-19 pandemic reporting early in the pandemic was “made-for-TV.” and an attempt to deliberately cause public fear and uncertainty.

Still other indicators are discovered within U.S. government “public health security” laws and documents, some from the Obama-Biden administration which order the FBI, CDC, and others to implement the Global Health Security Agenda, link law enforcement with public health, and describe plans to prepare for pandemics and other “emerging infectious disease threats” through national level exercises.

This point is a very big deal and worth briefly discussing, although it is a bit of a tangent from the main topic of this article. The Obama-Biden administration ordering public health to be linked with law enforcement and the FBI is in part notable because “hoaxes” or other forms of falsification and/or lying appear to be suggested to be legal for “law enforcement” and “intelligence” purposes in U.S. federal law. And, the FBI, which has unknown and potentially large numbers of not-in-uniform personnel actors throughout the country, has been said in the past to use ruses or ploys “often.” (Page 133)

Additionally, the FBI apparently allows itself, or had allowed itself, to commit “otherwise illegal activity,” bribe people, provide falsely sworn testimony or false documentation in legal or administrative proceedings, own and or operate businesses, and falsify other information. (Surely the most evil, anti-Catholic, anti-American, delusional deviants in the world would not want to work for such an entity with apparently unlimited power, unlimited money, and the ability to get paid to commit “otherwise illegal activity” to harm those who have criticized their lifestyles or political beliefs. And, surely, national security and intelligence community entities that pride themselves in diversity would keep such bad people out. And surely such unlimited power would never be used against innocent Americans.)

Think of the possibilities, though. It is illegal to “print” money. But the FBI may apparently commit “otherwise illegal activity.” Can the FBI print money? How about printing money and then bribing (or intimidating with plain-clothed personnel) doctors, judges, lawyers, politicians, public health officials, or others? How about FBI owned or operated banks? How about FBI owned or operated law firms?

Or how about FBI owned news stations or media companies? Some people have said that the “mainstream media” merely does whatever is wanted by liberals in the U.S. government. Another possibility (due to the seemingly unlimited power and covertness of the FBI and other law enforcement and “national security” entities) is that some of the mainstream media is owned and/or operated by U.S. federal government through the FBI’s apparent ability to secretly own and/or operate businesses. Tyrannical governments always have propaganda entities.

If a government operates even only some of the media, a hoax pandemic could more easily be propagated. The FBI’s apparent ability to provide falsely sworn testimony, false documentation, etc., would also make a hoax pandemic easier. Again, that is why the Obama-Biden administration’s linking law enforcement and the FBI with public health is such a big deal.

It is additionally a big deal due to the advancement of electro-medical therapies and medical imaging technologies which have been available for many years, could potentially be perfected to be used remotely and covertly (with nanotechnologies) to act on the human brain and body, and, logically speaking, would be the ultimately sought after biosurveillance and crowd controlling technologies by both the mad scientist and the mad government alike. But those points, wrongly labeled as crazy theories in attempt to discredit and deflect, cannot be elaborated on in this article.

National strategy plan called for ‘communication strategies’ to ‘expedite desired response actions’

Another document which was not elaborated on in previous articles provides more evidence that COVID-19 may be a falsified pandemic. The document is the 2018 National Biodefense Strategy which was published in 2018 but was ordered by Congress and the Obama-Biden Administration in December of 2016. (130 STAT. 2423)

The 2018 National Biodefense Strategy was drafted, reviewed, and finalized by the U.S. Departments of Defense, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, and Agriculture, along with the National Security Council, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), and others.

The document refers to both intentional terrorist attacks and naturally occurring infectious diseases like influenza and coronaviruses as “biological threats,” “emerging biothreats,” or “bioincidents” (pages i and 10). This is significant because, as mentioned previously, an October 2019 U.S. federal law allows National Security Exercises for “emerging threats” to be carried out. Some of the U.S. National Security Exercises may be classified (page 11); this seems to mean that some current events in America that appear to be real to the American public may actually be covert U.S. National Security Exercises.

The main point here is that it is significant when U.S. federal government, national security, and “public health security” documents mention “exercises” and tests due to the potential for those exercises to be conducted covertly and kept secret from Americans who may be unknowingly forced into participating in such a covert exercise.

The focus of this article is on the U.S. federal government’s plans to “exercise” and “test” communication methods in the 2018 National Biodefense Strategy. The section of the 2018 National Biodefense Strategy in question is as follows:

Specifically, note the U.S. federal government’s plans to

Develop, exercise, and update risk communication plans and promote consistent messaging to inform key audiences, expedite desired response actions, and address public uncertainty and fear (Page 18)


Develop and test messaging strategies, platforms, and materials for all sectors and stakeholders to synchronize messaging, address public fear and uncertainty, encourage appropriate response actions, and empower the public during biothreats and bioincidents (Page 18)


Routinely exercise communication strategies during pre-incident planning to prepare for realtime biothreat and bioincident response communications. (Page 18)

The question is: how would the U.S. federal government “routinely exercise” or “test” “messaging strategies, platforms, and materials” to “address public fear and uncertainty?”  Think about it – specifically “public” in “public fear and uncertainty” implies large numbers of people, rather than some sort of psychological exercise or test of a few research participants at an academic institution.

And it also apparently implies large numbers of people experiencing fear while not knowing that the U.S. federal government is deliberately causing that fear to “test” or “exercise” “messaging strategies, platforms, and materials.”

To “test messaging strategies” to “address public fear,” large numbers of people would seemingly really have to be afraid – rather than “testing” messaging strategies with large numbers of people who are told they are undergoing an exercise or test of messaging strategies, and are therefore not really experiencing fear and uncertainty. The object of fear would seem to have to appear as a real threat in one’s mind; in this case, the object of fear would have to appear as a threat in the minds of large numbers of people, or the “public.”

That point requires some repetition: it seems that the U.S. federal government could not “exercise” or “test” “messaging strategies, platforms, and materials” to “address public fear” if the public was not fearful. Large numbers of people – the American public – would probably not be fearful if they were aware that they were participating in a public-fear “test” or “exercise.”

In other words, the above segment from the 2018 National Biodefense Strategy seems to imply secret or covert testing of nationwide “biothreats” which cause “public fear and uncertainty.” A specifically covert and secretly falsified “biothreat” or “bioincident” would be required to test or exercise messaging strategies to address public fear. And a lot of lying by the U.S. federal government would be required to achieve such “tests” or “exercises” to first cause the public fear and uncertainty and then address the public fear and uncertainty with “messaging strategies, platforms, and materials.”

Again, “emerging biothreats” like coronavirus pandemics are apparently implied in the 2018 National Biodefense Strategy as potential events which could be used to cause “public fear and uncertainty” to “test” or “exercise” messaging strategies, platforms, and materials.

And it is important to remember that in October 2019, only a few months before COVID-19, U.S. National Security Laws were changed to attempt to legalize National Security Exercises to include “emerging” threats. That would apparently include the aforementioned “emerging biothreats” and a coronavirus pandemic. And it is also important to remember that U.S. public health plans and strategies are evaluated and tested with national “exercises” which apparently may be covert.

That is not all, though; the 2018 National Biodefense Strategy mentions the U.S. federal government’s plans to “exercise…risk communication plans…to…expedite desired response actions, and address fear and uncertainty.”

As it is (somewhat ambiguously) written, the 2018 National Biodefense Strategy could be interpreted to imply the possibility of a nationwide “bioincident” as a covert national exercise with a falsified “naturally occurring” pandemic. Then, the lies propagated during those “exercises” or “tests” to cause public fear apparently could be used to speed up, or “expedite [the U.S. federal government’s] desired response actions.”

The COVID-19 “vaccine” mandates from the Biden administration and other public health officials show that the government has clearly desired expediting several injections of mRNA substances into the bodies of Americans.

Indeed, the 2018 National Biodefense Strategy is yet another U.S. federal government document with information which may support the claim that COVID-19 may be a falsified pandemic. And there is still more, but it will not be mentioned here.