Wed Jan 6, 1999 - 12:15 pm EST

WASHINGTON, Jan 6 (  WhyLife?, the youth division of American Life League has announced the second annual National Week of Chastity for the week of February 8 - 14, 1999. Designed to promote and support chaste living, fidelity and matrimony, the National Week of Chastity has over 50 supporting organizations including American Life League, the Challenge Task Force on Chastity, Eagle Forum and the US Taxpayers Alliance.

A general invitation is extended to all pro-life, pro-chastity organizations around the nation to participate during this week, which will begin with a press conference hosted by American Life League at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

WhyLife director Andrew Daub said: “Chastity benefits and promotes family, the dignity of the individual,  prevents out-of-wedlock pregnancy and the possibility of disease. Primarily, chastity is lived out of a love for God who commands that we live according to His laws. This means unmarried individuals must practice abstinence and married individuals live a life of fidelity to their spouses. We especially encourage young men and women to commit themselves to chastity and to take part in the National Week of Chastity.”

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