By John-Henry Westen

  TORONTO, December 20, 2006 ( – Vandals in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa attacked major nativity scene displays.  The displays in Toronto and Ottawa were both hit last night, and Montreal’s major nativity scene sustained damage Friday night.

  In Toronto, the display set up by the Catholic group Gethsemane Ministries had its baby Jesus stolen and lights and wiring destroyed.  In Old Montreal, the huge statue of one of the Magi was cut off at the knees, and light fixtures were also damaged.  In Ottawa, Creche outside St Patrick’s Basilica was broken into.  The large and antique statue of St. Joseph was found toppled on the lawn with the fingers broken off.  In addition one of the statues of the Magi and another of an angel were missing.

  Suresh Dominic of Gethsemane Ministries told while he harbours no anger toward the vandals he hopes they are brought to justice for the crime they committed.

“There is no need to steal the Infant Jesus, He is free for the taking,” said Dominic, “He is willing to come to all who ask for Him and seek him with a sincere heart.”

  Dominic added, “It is sad that some people have vandalized the nativity scene. It is sad for the community which is now deprived of this beautiful memorial of the birth of Christ, but it is sadder still for those who destroyed this display.  We hope and pray for them that they reject the destructive anti-Christian path they have chosen and turn to embrace the Savior.  There is no better time than now.”