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March 23, 2021 (NewsBusters) — NBC political director Chuck Todd ended Sunday’s Meet the Press with the demand that people, particularly “elected officials” not criticize or bash the genocidal country of China as their “rivalry” with the United States “heats up.” Of course, this came as the network smeared a Georgia Sheriff with false claims of racism after the shootings at Asian spas in the Atlanta area by an apparent sex addict.

As the show was coming to a close, Todd led his panel in one final discussion about the spike in hate crimes directed at Asian-Americans around the country during the coronavirus pandemic, with his demands against the warranted criticism of China as the capstone:

Well look, unfortunately, I'm out of time there. And all these elected officials, when they talk about China, the country as a rival and an adversary to this country, be careful of your words. That matters, too. I know there's a lot of fear that as the rivalry heats up with China, that these hateful incidents will also increase here.

The attacks on Asian-Americans were terrible and tragic, but to demand that people not criticize or speak harshly about a country actively committing genocide against the Uighurs was ridiculous. Calling out the atrocities in China was not synonymous with stoking hate here at home.

As NewsBusters previously reported, NBC was taking part in a misinformation campaign by suggesting it was racist to simply acknowledge the fact that the pandemic started in China. When smearing Georgia Sheriff Captain Jay Baker over a social media post on Thursday, correspondent Blayne Alexander falsely suggested he was being “racist” and “anti-Asian” by sharing an image of a novelty shirt saying the virus came from China.

Just before Todd made his comments, Nevada Independent editor Jon Ralston blamed former President Trump for the violence because he would accurately say the pandemic started in Wuhan, China:

You know, Eddie [Glaude] said there's a through-line in this program. I think it is that words matter, Chuck. And while this existed long before Donald Trump, the fact that he had an utter lack of empathy during COVID, and that he was so desperate to escape political responsibility, that he continually used phrases like “the China virus” that clearly has exacerbated these problems based on the stats that you just put up there, Chuck.

But as it’s been reported, these attacks were occurring in liberal cities, and many of the attackers were members of other minority groups. In fact, Todd even admitted attacks were happening on the “west coast” where “the Asian-American populations are larger, more integrated, and yet we've been seeing these hate crimes out there, too.”

Again, the facts were damned by Princeton University professor and race-baiter, Eddie Glaude. According to him, the attacks were a symptom of the “panic around the whiteness of this country.” “We have to understand this within that frame,” he told Todd.

Chuck Todd’s ridiculous demands not to criticize a country actively committing genocide were made possible because of lucrative sponsorships from Chevron and Comcast. Their contact information is linked so you can tell them about the biased news they fund.

Reprinted with permission from NewsBusters.