KELWONA, BC, Mar 5 (LSN) – In an effort to give patients choice in physicians, Kelowna Right to Life Association began a campaign to identify doctors who conduct abortions in the area. In a letter addressed to “health care providers”, the pro-life group is requesting the identity of those involved in performing abortions.  The ruling NDP government has exposed its extremist pro-abortion position by accusing the Right to Life group of engaging in “terror tactics.”  In an interview at the New Democratic Party convention Health Minister Penny Priddy said, “I think we should all be absolutely outraged by what I consider to be virtually terror tactics.” Priddy adamantly vowed that the BC government would “do whatever it takes” to ensure access to abortion. Priddy regurgitated the sentiments of pro-abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood and abortionists, who reacted with outrage to the letter earlier this week.  The pro-“choicers” reject the notion that patients should have sufficient information to choose physicians with regard to their involvement with abortion. The pro-aborts charged Kelowna Right to Life with creating a “hit list” for anti-abortion zealots.  In order to prevent the list from being mis-used, the pro-life group does not make the list public. Instead, callers to the association can ask whether specific doctors do abortions.  Right to Life executive director Sherry Lacey explains that the information is for health care “consumers who do not wish to patronize a doctor who performs them (abortions), or to receive treatment in a facility in which they are performed.”  The compilation of a list is necessary, as doctors in the area have been known to lie about their involvement in the killing of pre-born children so as not to scare off patients. Ted Gerk, communications director for the Pro-Life Society of B.C.,  told reporters, “here, as in other communities, physicians are not always forthright with their patients.”