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OTTAWA, November 6, 2013 ( – An NDP member of Parliament has taken issue with the Conservative Party of Canada's policy resolution, adopted at its weekend convention in Calgary, that states the governing party is opposed to discrimination against girls through gender selective abortion.

On Monday the House heard Peggy Nash, NDP MP for Toronto's Parkdale-High Park riding, denounce both the Conservative Party for being “right-wing” and the party's resolution condemning discrimination due to sex-selective abortion of girls.

“Mr. Speaker, Conservatives showed us this weekend that they are more right-wing than ever,” Nash said. “They even want to reopen the abortion debate by restricting a woman's right to choose. The same proposal was rejected by the House.”

In her short statement, Nash chose to disparage the resolution condemning the killing of unborn girls for their sex, lumping it in with what she claimed was the government's refusal to take “responsibility for any part of the Senate expense scandal,” and voting for a “less progressive tax system.”

The policy resolution vote to condemn female gendercide, which was nearly unanimous, was proposed by the federal Conservative Party’s riding association in Langley, B.C., where Mark Warawa serves as Member of Parliament.

The resolution states simply, “The Conservative Party condemns discrimination against girls through gender selection.”

Although abortion was not mentioned in the policy resolution, the inclusion of the topic of gender selection in the convention program recalls Mr Warawa's September 2012 introduction to Parliament of a motion calling on the House to condemn sex-selective abortion of girls.

While Nash concluded that in 2015 “Canadians will have a real choice: to elect an NDP government,” she did not mention that gender selection has been strongly condemned by all national political parties, and according to polls, 92 percent of Canadians believe sex-selective pregnancy termination should be illegal.

At the same sitting in the House, Conservative MP John Weston (West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country, BC) said that the Conservative convention in Calgary addressed topics that really matter, among them health and financial responsibility.

“Today we Conservatives returned from Alberta where we had our best convention ever. We addressed topics that matter to Canadians, including fiscal accountability and the topic of my address today, which is health,” Mr Weston said. “Conservatives are committed to sound fiscal management and improving the health of Canadians.”

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Campaign Life Coalition rates Nash as “not supportable” for following the NDP party lines of being pro-abortion and anti-traditional marriage. She voted against Stephen Woodworth's Motion 312 to study whether a modern science supports the notion that child in the womb is a human being, and voted for the transgender “Bathroom Bill” (C-279), which allows biological men who say they identify as women to use women's restrooms and change rooms.

The November 4 Hansard is available here. Ms Nash's statement appears in the Statements by Members section at 14:15


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