NDP MP praises Prime Minister Harper for opposing pro-life motion

“I appreciate that the prime minister … has clearly stated that there will be no support for M-312,” said NDP MP Francois Boivin.
Wed Sep 19, 2012 - 2:47 pm EST

OTTAWA, September 19, 2012 ( - Prime Minister Stephen Harper got a rare pat on the back from a member of the officially pro-abortion opposition NDP party this week.

New Democrat MP Francoise Boivin praised Harper for his stand against Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s motion (M-312) to review the legal definition of a human being, saying, “I appreciate that the prime minister … has clearly stated that there will be no support for M-312,” according to a Sun Media report.

Current Canadian law says that as long as any part of the child is inside his or her mother, the child is not considered human.

To the Sun’s question of whether she thought it possible that a child is human five minutes before birth, Boivin replied, “Before the birth there is absolutely no point for me to tell you what I think because the law in Canada is it’s up to the woman to decide what she does with her body.”


The Prime Minister’s Office has urged Conservative caucus members to vote against Woodworth’s motion. Harper himself has repeatedly promised not to reopen the abortion debate, and reportedly doesn’t want the opposition to think the Conservative party is supporting Woodworth’s motion.

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In June, the Globe and Mail reported that “MPs are privately being reminded that support for fellow Conservative Stephen Woodworth’s motion would be considered a vote against Mr. Harper’s wishes.”

When asked his view of the PM’s public opposition to his motion this week, Mr. Woodworth said, “I like the prime minister and I respect him,” according to CTV News, but added that he disagreed with Harper’s position.

“It would be an immature view of politics to think that because you like and admire someone you shouldn’t disagree with them,” Mr. Woodworth said.

“Does anyone believe that we need to pretend that a child, at eight or nine months development, before birth is not a human being in order to justify abortion?” he asked. “Does abortion access really depend upon that fraud?”

“Perhaps, if Canadians think of a child at 8½ months’ gestation as a human being, they will have second thoughts about abortion,” Mr. Woodworth observed.

However, he said, “The prime minister’s position has likely depressed the support [the motion] might have received from some people.”

The motion is scheduled for a final hour of debate on Friday, September 21, and will be voted on next Wednesday, Sept. 26th.

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