LINCOLN, Nebraska, August 18, 2009 ( – Operation Rescue has received written confirmation from the Nebraska Attorney General's office that a request for a comprehensive investigation into late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart's abortion business has been directed to the Nebraska Department of Health and Environment. The investigation will be monitored by the Attorney General's office.

Pro-life groups had sent the attorney general a packet of documents, including information about incidents of botched abortions involving Carhart that required emergency transport to the hospital along with photos of the ambulances involved in those incidents. Also included were photos of dilapidated conditions at his abortion clinic, a complaint filed in Kansas about Carhart's part in the third-trimester abortion death of Christin Gilbert, and several news stories that raise questions about the safety and legality of Carhart's abortion operation.

“We asked for an investigation, and we are getting one. This alone is a victory,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.  Joining Operation Rescue in making the request were the Christian Defense Coalition of Washington, DC, Nebraskans United For Life, and Rescue the Heartland.

“This is the first step down a road that could lead to the revocation of Carhart's medical license or even criminal charges,” said Newman.

The news comes days after Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, Kansas, responded to a petition launched by Operation Rescue, indicating that they would not make a transfer agreement with an abortion clinic should one attempt to open in the community. Carhart has indicated that Wichita, Kansas, is his first choice to open a late-term abortion clinic to replace George Tiller's closed facility. Operation Rescue was assured that Carhart would not be granted hospital privileges at Wesley.

“We are opposing Carhart's plans in at least two states now, and are monitoring several other states for any indication that he may be shifting his plans elsewhere,” said Newman. “Our goal is to use the legal means at our disposal to block Carhart from opening a late-term abortion mill that would draw women from every state and from around the world for abortions that are illegal in their areas, and perhaps put him out of business altogether.”

The investigation request and Wesley petition were part of the “Keep it Closed” campaign, which will include an event in the Omaha, Nebraska area on August 28-29.

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