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MADISON, Nebraska (LifeSiteNews) — A Nebraska woman pleaded guilty to assisting her daughter in aborting a baby after 20-weeks and later burning and burying her grandchild.

“Under a plea agreement, Jessica Burgess, 42, of Norfolk, admitted to providing an abortion after 20 weeks of gestation, false reporting and tampering with human skeletal remains,” the Associated Press reported. “Charges of concealing the death of another person and abortion by someone other than a licensed physician were dismissed.”

Burgess was accused of helping her then-17-year-old daughter, Celeste Burgess, end her pregnancy. Madison County District Court documents show she ordered abortion pills on the internet,” the Associated Press reported.

The baby was 29-weeks old and the pair “burned the remains and buried them in a field north of Norfolk in northeastern Nebraska,” according to the AP. Jessica Burgess will be sentenced in September while her daughter will be sentenced on July 20 after she “pleaded guilty in May to removing, concealing or abandoning a dead body.”

The story first attracted national attention not because of the macabre details, but rather because the mainstream media treated it as a story about how Big Tech might be used to identify women having illegal abortions.

“This is the data Facebook gave police to prosecute a teenager for abortion,” a headline in Vice read last year, the same summer Roe v. Wade was reversed. One headline in USA Today said that police “seize[d] family Facebook messages,” as if the mom and daughter were planning a birthday party and not the killing of a baby.

The slanted coverage drew criticism from Greg Price, a conservative digital strategist.

“Two people murdered a fully formed baby at their house, burned and buried the evidence, had their dms seized via search warrant, are not being charged for an abortion itself but with ‘removing, concealing or abandoning a dead human body,'” Price wrote at the time. “This is how the media is framing it.”

Meanwhile, a 19-year-old mother has been charged with first degree murder in New Mexico after giving birth to and disposing of her baby in a hospital bathroom trash can.

Cleaning staff at the Artesia General Hospital reported discovering the remains of the child shortly after the teenage mom left in a scene described as a “gory, bloody, massacre mess” with “blood everywhere,” including “on the floor, wall.”

The teen’s baby was reportedly taken to a trauma room after being retrieved from the trash but was pronounced dead. An autopsy conducted by the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator found the newborn boy was the victim of homicide.