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(LifeSiteNews) — A documentary film was published Monday on Children’s Health Defense that draws disturbing parallels between the Nazis’ propaganda push during the lead-up to the Holocaust, and today’s psychological manipulation of the masses using the pretext of COVID-19.

“What we’re clearly seeing here is a replay of the same telltale signs of what precipitated the Holocaust in the 1930s,” orthodox rabbi Michoel Green said in the first of a five-part “Never Again” documentary series by Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav.

Green, who resolutely kept his synagogue open during the mass public closures of the COVID “pandemic,” unflinchingly pointed to what he sees as the striking resemblance between the Nazis’ modus operandi in demonizing the Jews, and today’s shunning of the unvaccinated.

Green pointed out that in Nazi Germany, as during the COVID “pandemic,” authorities engaged in “the marginalization of that minority, identifying the minority as a threat to public health, or [as] a public health risk.”

“That is exactly what Goebbels did,” said Green, referring to Nazi Germany’s chief propagandist Joseph Goebbels. “That was right out of the Nazi playbook.”

“There is nothing more morally reprehensible than government or authority of any kind declaring other innocent human beings as a public health risk. And it doesn’t matter if these people claim to be doing so innocently, for the greater good, because that’s what Nazis did as well,” Green continued.

“But that doesn’t justify marginalization, persecution, and apartheid … What we’re seeing nowadays is precisely that,” he added, alluding to the prohibition of those not vaccinated against COVID-19 from entry to public venues in many places during the peak of the COVID outbreak.

To highlight the historical parallel, he told the story of how a Jewish Holocaust survivor was invited to speak at an orthodox Jewish college and was eventually canceled “because she could not show her vaccine papers.”

“And they have become the modern-day purveyors of tyranny. Of persecution and marginalization of the minority,” Green said.

He also decried the “genocide” in the name of safety that has been perpetrated in places like Shanghai, pointing out, “People are literally being left to die. And they’re being locked into their homes, they’re being denied nutrition, hydration, access to medical care, in the name of combating an invisible, amorphous disease. And that’s exactly what the Nazis were doing.”

Indeed, historical sources recount how, during the Nazi regime, “medical professionals repeatedly pushed the false claim that Jews were responsible for outbreaks of typhus — a deadly contagious disease spread by lice.”

Green suggested that such injustices can only take place when safety and security are elevated as the highest values of society. He argued that they must be subordinated to freedom, which is “a value worth dying for.”

The rabbi walks the walk in this regard. Green said that when his state governor decided that public worship was “not essential,” “I decided right then and there, [and] told my wife, ‘We are not shutting the doors of our synagogue for one day.’”

“My wife said, well, ‘What if someone gets sick? What if we get sick and we die?’”

Green replied, “We have to be ready to die. We have to be ready to die before we allow the government to shut down our religious observances, our right to live and live freely … ”

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