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(LifeSiteNews) — Part two of a five-part documentary film series titled “Never Again” by Children’s Health Defense further explores the eerie parallels between the rise of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the West’s response to the COVID-19 so-called pandemic.

Part two, titled “Anyone who wants to start a war has to lie,” begins with the testimony of the creator of the docuseries — Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav — relaying how she first started to become skeptical of the pharmaceutical industry after her son’s unexpected death from a prescription medication known as Clozaril — an antipsychotic drug used to treat schizophrenia and related disorders.

Sharav explained that just like with childhood vaccinations and the COVID-19 experimental vaccines, Clozaril was touted as a wonder drug, and any experiences to the contrary, including “casualties,” were in her estimation never transparently or sufficiently revealed.

Tying in these experiences to COVID and the associated vaccines, Sharav relayed how it became quickly apparent to her that the measures being taken by governments did not align with the reality of the virus or its supposed treatments. Especially when governments around the world began to prohibit travel in an arbitrary manner or introduce various COVID-related mandates.

“The people responsible for the pandemic have used two of the weapons the Nazis used, which was fear and propaganda,” Sharav stated. “Propaganda feeds the fear, foments it … hardens it even more so, and that’s what’s been happening here.”

While the Nazis, Sharav explained, launched their “[Aktion] T4 program,” which British historians Laurence Rees and Ian Kershaw estimate led to the intentional mass murder of 300,000 disabled and elderly people, so too did leaders in the West during COVID engage in what she called the “medical murder” of the elderly by quarantining them and refusing them early treatment.

“This was mass murder to be rid of the economic burden,” she said, referring specifically to the actions by disgraced ex-governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.

Drawing another parallel between Hitler and the West’s COVID response, Sharav talked about the Nazi’s use of technology and its cooperation with large corporate entities to carry out its deadly practices, which Sharav described as an “industrial level genocide.”

Likewise, Sharav points out that large companies like IBM and others are currently working with and have worked with Western governments to further the state’s aims of control over the population, leading society down the path of vaccine passports, digital identification, centrally controlled digital currencies and even the implanting of such technology into the human body.

Referring to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response to the anti-COVID mandate Freedom Convoy protest, Sharav stated:

Trudeau gave a hint, he showed that you can stop your bank accounts, mortgage, I mean he even separated children from the truckers.

I mean this is so insidious, so horrific, that if people don’t understand this can happen to them, if they don’t accept the fifth shot, the sixth shot … obedience is the road to slavery.

Later in the documentary, Joshua Stylman, a Jewish resident of New York whose family arrived in America from Europe after the Second World War, explained how at first he did not believe vaccine mandates or passports were a possible reality in the United States, as it is well-known as being a “free” country.

However, Stylman recalled, when it did become a reality, his “frustration” and “confusion ratcheted up” as nobody seemed to bat an eye at what was being done — namely the lack of medical autonomy and discrimination against dissenters — all in the name of public health.

After hearing the stories of other descendants of European Jews whose families suffered persecution — and in some cases death — in Nazi camps, Sharav continued to hammer at the joint propaganda effort between governments, media and big business.

“It came out again recently that the Biden administration provided the media … a billion dollars for propaganda to only run positive stories about the COVID so-called vaccines,” relayed Sharav, rhetorically asking afterward “Why would you need to bribe them?”

Sharav then took the time to break down where she sees similarities in the propaganda strategies used by the Nazis with the style of propaganda being used today in the West.

“Well, it’s going exactly by the [Joseph] Goebbels playbook,” Sharav said. “There are several things in it. First of all, of course, there is the ‘Big Lie,’ you keep repeating and repeating and repeating until it becomes the only truth you have ever heard.”

Sharav described how because the lie becomes so ubiquitous that any dissent or skepticism becomes seen as insanity, because “everybody knows” the supposed truth. This, she said, leads to an effective outlawing of disagreement.

“In real life [however], in a real democratic society, everybody doesn’t agree, everybody argues, but here you’re not allowed to argue. The minute you argue you become a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ [and] I wish, I wish it was only a theory.”

In the concluding part of the episode, Stylman reappears to describe the similarities between the COVID passports, which barred the unvaccinated from restaurants, bars and other venues, to the almost identical restrictions placed on Jews in Nazi Germany.

He also touched upon the role the medical establishment played then and now in the enforcement of the narrative — with both included doctors and scientists promulgating the idea that Jews and the unvaccinated were a threat to public health.

Stylman also revealed that when he first spoke out about the similarities between the Nazis and COVID enforcement publicly, his Brooklyn-based brewing company was targeted in the media and he was implied to be an anti-Semite for drawing such comparisons.

Giving a final summation of his experience during COVID and what conclusions he has drawn, Stylman stated:

My point was, human beings are entitled to determine what they put in their body, and I believe the Nuremberg Code guaranteed that.

‘Informed consent’ and we violated that, and we violated a bunch of international laws. There is no justification for any of this.

It’s either comically stupid or straight up evil. Initially, I thought it was just incompetence, but the signs are all there that this is not an accident.

They’re all going in a direction that is against the truth. And the systematic suppression of information, whether it be about early treatment, efficacy of drugs, or deadliness of disease, they’re all going the same way … I didn’t start out as a conspiracy theorist, but at this point, the evidence is so damning, and so obvious, there’s quite obvious an agenda.

Hear more eye-opening, stunning stories and reflections on the parallels between Nazi Germany and the COVID-era world, as well as little-discussed information on the five major companies that made the Holocaust’s scale possible, by watching Sharav’s docuseries here.

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