‘New Abortion Caravan’ expected to create storm of controversy as it hits Greater Toronto Area

BRAMPTON, Ontario, June 21, 2012 ( - In the wake of being assaulted in Thunder Bay and facing organized opposition from the Canadian Auto Workers Union, activists with the New Abortion Caravan are arriving today in the GTA and Toronto proper.

Starting Thursday afternoon, they will be driving trucks with 7-foot tall and 20-foot long abortion images through Canada’s largest metropolitan area.

“The women of the old abortion caravan have turned the wombs of Canadian women into Canada’s killing fields,” said Stephanie Gray, spokesperson for the group.  “We are a country which prides itself on peacekeeping and yet there’s war going on in the womb; so we’re taking our message to the streets to declare we will EndtheKilling in our lifetime.”

The group of young people, mostly in their 20s, will spend Thursday in Brampton, including giving a public presentation at St. Elias Ukrainian Church at 7:30pm.  They will be in Toronto on Friday, Hamilton on Saturday, and London on Monday, before returning to Toronto on June 26. They plan to end their tour in Ottawa on Canada Day.

The anti-abortion group’s activity has raised the ire of abortion supporters, like Joyce Arthur of Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada who said calling the New Abortion Caravan by its name is a “sacrilege.”  Margot Dunn, one of the original caravaners from 1970, said the campaign was “horrifying.”

In 1970, a group of self-described “furious women” drove from Vancouver to Ottawa with 2 goals: repeal the abortion laws and obtain free abortion on demand.  They achieved their goals 18 years later with the Supreme Court’s Morgentaler decision.

The New Abortion Caravan is controversial because it is retracing the old caravan’s steps with an 18 year plan to, Gray said, redeem Canadian history.  The new Caravan launched in Vancouver on May 29 with Canuck’s hockey singer, Mark Donnelly, singing O Canada at their event.

The public presentation on Thursday, June 21, will be at St. Elias Church, 10193 Heritage Rd, Brampton, starting at 7:30.

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