OTTAWA, May 3 ( – New HIV/AIDS prevention guidelines released yesterday are set to follow the same failed methods that sex-ed programs have been experimenting with these many years –  graphic sex talk. The controversial guidelines put out by the Canadian AIDS Society were supported by Health Canada and will cost taxpayers $100,000. Commenting on the graphic nature of the document, Terrence Stewart, chairman of the Canadian AIDS Society said, “I know there will be a lot of shock.”

A study by condom manufacturer Durex last September demonstrated the detrimental effects of sex-education. The report indicated that Canada and the US, countries that extensively market provocative “sex education” to young children, have the worst reputation of children engaging in sexual promiscuity at young ages. With the international average for beginning sexual activity at 17.6 years, Canadian youth were found to commence on average at age 16.6 while in the US the average age was the world’s lowest at 16.3.

The contents of the new document are available on the net from the Canadian AIDS Society. A direct link is not provided since the material would be highly offensive to family-friendly Canadians.