TORONTO, Sept 9 ( – James Wakeford, the homosexual/AIDS activist who won a judicial exemption allowing him to take marijuana legally to ease his pain, is now asking for legal assisted suicide. Wakeford’s lawyer David Corbett filed the case with the Ontario Superior Court. The National Post noted that the Supreme Court of Canada has already decided on the assisted suicide question in 1993 when it rejected the appeal of Lou Gehrig’s disease sufferer Sue Rodriguez, noting that laws against assisted suicide did not infringe her constitutional rights.

Corbett insists the case is different from that of Rodriguez since Wakeford would be able to self-administer the lethal drugs whereas Rodriguez was unable to do so. The paper also notes that Wakeford wrote Prime Minister Jean Chretien requesting assisted suicide. The PMs reply did not indicate that assisted suicide was wrong. The Post notes that the reply “pointed out   that a Senate committee looking into the matter decided there wasn’t enough social consensus to warrant changing the law.”