VANCOUVER, July 10, 2001 ( – The newly elected Liberal government in British Columbia has dropped out of a court case, launched by the previous New Democratic provincial government, to force Canada to allow homosexual marriages. The BC Catholic reports that the spokesman for BC Attorney General Geoff Plant confirmed the province had pulled out of the case.

The former NDP BC government, which suffered a crushing defeat in the recent elections, was the most extremist pro-abortion and pro-homosexual government in Canadian history. Launching the legal challenge against the federal government last July, then BC Attorney General Andrew Petter said, “if the institution of marriage is a positive and beneficial institution for society, and works for heterosexual couples, it should work for same sex couples. … We have no right to deny same-sex couples the same opportunity to participate in that institution.”

The case will go forward as it is supported by Canada’s homosexual activist group EGALE. It is set to be heard July 23. The BC Catholic reports that similar legal challenges have also been launched in Ontario and Quebec, but the B.C. challenge is considered the leading case because it’s due to be heard first

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