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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show, Jonathon speaks with Timothy Gordon, Catholic podcaster and author, about a new book he co-wrote titled Don’t Go to College: A Case for Revolution. It is set to be released in August.

The main title is self-explanatory, but Gordon tells Jonathon why the subtitle is “A Case for Revolution.”

“The other element of this that is more denotative, literal in making a case for revolution, is the simple fact that the Left has overrun the institutions of culture, which act together as a kind of hive mind,” he says.

“Not going to college begins a counter-revolutionary moment: begins a counter-revolutionary movement where we start taking back the eight or nine, if you will, institutions of culture that were stormed sometime over the last century,” says Gordon. “It needs to be actually a counter-revolutionary spirit.”

But how does one launch a counter-revolution?

“I’m not telling people to leave the culture,” Gordon says. “I’m saying people need to stay in the culture, and they need to stay in the culture with the express intent of fighting. But what they need to do within the culture to present a counter-revolutionary equipoise is to graduate high school; in most cases, get married really soon, marry their high school boyfriend or girlfriend, which will reinvigorate the entire system of American youthful heterosexuality.”

Gordon, who believes the “soul of the American university” is “lost,” also makes his case for opting out of the college experience altogether.

Most people know it’s expensive. Look, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It makes you dumb. It cultivates habits in its matriculants which are toxic and which are extremely difficult to get rid of. [It] will make procreative family life both logistically and ideologically very hard to do later from a satisfaction point of view. So it makes you dumber. It makes you more anathema to moral virtue and what Aristotle would call the happy life, eudaimonia. Of course, it’ll put you into debt. It will take a total of 4 to 6 … years of your most procreative and creative time as a young person.

Pre-order your copy of Don’t Go to College: A Case for Revolution here.

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