By Michael Baggot

HESPERIA, CA, April 29, 2008 ( – Without a single reference to a Church document or a passage of Scripture, a new booklet from author Victor Claveau demonstrates that popular contraceptives, considered hallmarks of our modern culture and signs of civilized man’s technological conquest of nature, kill at least 6 million US children a year, subject women to a host of harmful side effects, subvert the meaning of sex and family life, and have played a key role in a black genocide.

Claveau’s 28-page “Birth Control and Abortifacients’ begins with a detailed analysis of the various standard methods of contraception, noting their abortifacient action and harmful side effects on women.

Claveau pays particular attention to the popular birth control pills that have been widely accepted, even by professedly “pro-life” women, as a means to reduce the sort of unwanted pregnancies that often end in abortion.

Birth control pills artificially flood a woman’s body with high levels of hormones in order to produce three main effects on her body: First, the hormones can suppress ovulation, thus preventing the formation of eggs.  Second, the hormones can thicken the cervical mucus, thus preventing sperm from reaching the egg.  Third, the hormones can alter the uterine lining, thus preventing the fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus that provides the newly formed zygote with the oxygen and nutrients he needs to live.

Early birth control pills contained high levels of progestin and estrogen hormones and were able to suppress ovulation more than 90% of the time, thus preventing the union of a sperm and egg after practically every act of sexual intercourse. 

Multiple reports of harmful side effects from the high dose pill, however, forced the product off of the market in the United States and Canada, while pills containing lower doses of the same hormones took their place.

Because the low-dose pill is less effective at preventing ovulation, more eggs are produced that will eventually fuse with sperm. 

“As an egg is microscopic, it can be difficult to tell in any given case whether an egg really has been released.  But Dutch gynecologist Dr. Nine Van der Vange made an extensive study of women using these pills.  She found proof that an egg had been released in 4% of the cases, and found follicle growth typical of what one finds in early pregnancy in at least 52% of cases,” writes Claveau.

Another type of birth control pill, called the mini-pill, contains less hormones than the low-dose pill and allows for even more instances of conception.

“Dr. Ronald Chez, a scientist at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), publicly stated that the new “mini” Pills of today, with their lower estrogen dose, allow ovulation up to 50% of the time!” writes Claveau.

As a result of their inconsistency in suppressing ovulation, routinely distributed birth control pills can act as abortifacients by allowing for the conception of zygotes who will die due to their inability to implant in the altered uterine lining.

“Most people have no idea of the abortifacient nature of the birth control pill,” Claveau told

Claveau cites a study from the Pharmacists for Life that estimates that various popular contraceptive methods kill 6.5-11.5 million unborn children annually in the United States.

“The crux of the matter is that it has been said that birth control pills usually act by contraception, that any abortions that result should be accepted as an unfortunate accident.  This is a little like saying that it’s alright to fire a gun randomly in the dark, as you usually won’t hit anybody, and in the few cases when you do, it should be accepted as an unfortunate accident.”

Aside from potentially killing their newly conceived child, the birth control pill can also wreak havoc on the user’s own body.

“According to the director of Planned Parenthood of England the birth control pill causes 150 different chemical changes in a woman’s body.  Not one of these is beneficial.”

“Other side effects of birth control pills are the development of high blood pressure, blood clots, stroke, heart attack, depression, weight gain, migraine, dark spots on the skin and difficulty with breastfeeding.”

While the condom lacks the abortifacient capacitates found in various birth control pills, shots, and intrauterine devices, they can often fail to protect users from increasingly pervasive sexually transmitted diseases.

“One reason condoms fail in preventing the transfer of AIDS is that latex condoms have tiny intrinsic holes called ‘voids.’  Sperm is larger than the holes, but the AIDS virus is 50 times smaller than these tiny holes which makes it easy for the virus to pass through,” explains Claveau.

“To give you an idea of how easy it would be for the virus to pass through these holes, just imagine a ping pong ball going through a basketball hoop.”

Cleaveau presents Natural Family Planning (NFP) as a safe, effective, and morally upright alternative to contraceptives.

In contrast to the “calendar rhythm method”, NFP is “based on direct observations of various signs that occur in a woman’s body (changes in the cervix, cervical mucus, and temperature) which tell her when ovulation occurs.”  These relatively easy-to-make observations can be done in minutes and have successfully been taught to illiterate couples in third world countries.

Unlike contraception, NFP respects the dual purposes of sexual intercourse: to share love and produce new life, says Claveau.  Furthermore, Claveau debunks the myth that NFP is merely “Catholic contraception.”

“Here’s the difference between artificial birth control and NFP.  In the first case, one does something (takes a pill, uses a condom, etc.) to deliberately ‘close’ the life-giving power of sexual intercourse.

“In NFP, however, no such step is taken. The spouses do not act against their fertility. They do not reject the link between the two meanings of sex (love and life).  They simply follow the natural patterns of the body’s fertility and infertility – patterns placed there by God Himself.”

As the author explains, NFP is rooted in virtue, not merely physiology.  The practicing couple learns self-control, communication, cooperation, and how to express their love in non-physical ways at times in order to resist the temptation to reduce their spouse to an object of selfish pleasure.

“Since the spouses can ignore worries about contraceptive failure or side-effects of the pill,” they can actually more freely and fully enjoy the pleasures of the marital act.

Claveau adds that couples should only practice NFP for serious reasons, such as health or financial problems, lest they become guilty of “family avoidance,” rather than “family planning.”
  The author next reflects upon Planned Parenthood (PP) founder Margaret Sanger’s destructive and racist legacy.  Sanger favored the sterilization of “genetically inferior races” and was concerned that “the poorer areas, particularly in the South . . . are producing alarmingly more than their share of future generations.”

“The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal,” wrote Sanger.  “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the Minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

In addition to rallying black clergy to their cause, PP has also manipulated language to dehumanize the genetically distinct human life biological science recognizes in the mother’s womb.

Nonetheless, some prominent black figures have seen through PP’s deceptive tactics and have opposed their anti-life mission.  “If the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is to live, our babies must live,” Claveau quotes Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King as saying.

Claveau concludes his work with an exhortation to black leadership to fight the black genocide Sanger and her followers have perpetrated through contraception and abortion.

“Since the United States Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973, over 17 million black babies have been aborted.  That is about one third or more of the black population in the United States!  Approximately two out of three black babies are aborted in the U.S.

“If that is not racial genocide, what is?  What will it take for the Black moral leadership in America to come to grips with this reality?”

Claveau’s well-researched, clear, and concise booklet promises to rouse men and women, black and white, to take action against the contraception and abortion that have devastated our contemporary society.

Claveau told that inspired readers’ first response to the work should be prayer.  He added that “a certain activism is needed,” and that “People need to get the word out.”

The author encourages readers to spread the booklet, especially among church leadership, whom he challenges to “read this booklet and preach on it.”  Claveau is offering discounts for bulk purchases of the work.

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