FREDERICTON, June 30 (LSN) – Yesterday, New Brunswick Finance Department spokesman Stephen Heckbert announced that the province will give survivor pensions to practicing homosexuals. Heckbert claimed that the change was automatic since the federal government has accepted an Ontario court ruling to change the definition of spouse in the Income Tax Act. “The Income Tax Act has been changed and now there’s no longer an exclusion for same-sex partners When the Income Tax Act changes, ours changes automatically, so same sex partners in New Brunswick, at least provincial civil servants, are eligible for survivors’ pensions,”  he said.  In a related story, Ontario’s human rights commissioner, homosexual advocate Keith Norton, predicted the legalization of homosexual marriage across Canada in the coming months. Norton said that Canada should make the changes voluntarily or else be forced to by the likely Supreme Court of Canada decision in the land-mark M vs. H case scheduled for this September.