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New campaign aims to create ‘Christian-positive’ spaces as believers face growing discrimination

Colin Kerr

 TORONTO, March 18, 2014 ( – A new campaign is aiming to create “Christian-positive” spaces as Christians face growing discrimination despite Canada and US being recognized as global leaders in religious freedom.

Christian Positive Space launched yesterday as “a ground breaking campaign that encourages and identifies safe and inclusive environments for the BETFC community (Bible Believers, Evangelicals, Traditionalists, Families of Faith, and Christians), otherwise known as the Christian community.”

The group was founded in Toronto by David Lynn.

Given Lynn’s personal experience, the choice to initiate the campaign on St. Patrick’s Day is a rather ironic and fitting one. The St. Patrick’s Day parades in New York and Boston have been criticized for excluding homosexual propaganda. Lynn says his worst experience of being bullied for his Christian faith was at a Pride parade in 2012.

As the group’s website indicates, Lynn claims to have been bullied by Toronto Police a few times for sharing his faith. After he became a serious Christian at 16, he has often felt marginalized because of his faith. In school, in the workplace and in public, he says there are terrible double-standards exercised against Christians.

The group’s website asks people to share their experiences of these things too. “There is a growing movement of Christians who feel marginalized and feel that the expression of their traditional opinions and values are being slowly removed from the public arena,” it states.

“Canada and the United States view freedom of religion or belief, including the ability to publicly share, express and worship in peace and security, as a universal human right.  To reiterate this message, the Government of Canada officially opened the Office of Religious Freedom, within Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada on February 19, 2014. … So a movement is underway to ensure that Christians have their rights and Positive Space in the public arena.”

The organization has created a heart symbol sticker that is meant to act “as a sign that members of the BETFC community are supported and welcomed to openly talk about their faith, practice and share their faith without discrimination, threat of being bullied or threat of being banned from the public press or media of communication.”

Christian Positive Space hopes that these stickers “will be posted in public areas, schools, governments, work offices, and media press outlets.”

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