NEW YORK, August 26, 2004 ( – As more countries from Eastern Europe join the European Union, a new wave of politicians is entering the ranks of European government. Many are pro-life and pro-family. Witness Anna Zaborska, Slovak Member of the European Parliament who was elected July 26 as chairman of the Committee for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality.  The 56-year-old Catholic parliamentarian is outspoken against abortion and homosexuality. She distinguishes the problem from the individual, saying “It is not true to say that I am against women who have had an abortion or against men or women who are homosexuals.” However, in no uncertain terms she called homosexuality a degenerate practice, terming it an illness.  When attacked by homosexual activists for comments made last year to a Slovakian paper, she said, “I was referring to a situation where images of people dancing naked in love parades in places like Berlin or Rome are broadcast on TV and watched by children. I was questioning myself if these people should be teachers of my kids.”  Zaborska’s election caused no little discontent among European Union governing elites. British MEP Mary Honeyball complained that “the Right put forward a candidate who is clearly unsympathetic to the aims of our committee,” (understand legalization of homosexual marriages and deregulation of abortion in all of Europe). Regardless of their feelings, Honeyball and her colleagues must eventually move over for the dynamic new contingent from Eastern Europe.  See related coverage on developments in European politics: jmo