HOSPITALS, Aug. 6 ( – The rising number of Canadians in need of kidney dialysis has put the demand for an improved organ donation system on the front page of the National Post yesterday. The general issue of organ donation is not central to the Pro-Life Movement’s defence of life, but concerns about organ donation pressure leading to a redefinition of life and death so that fresh organs can be removed from people who should still be considered as alive have forced pro-life forces to be alert to this issue. According to NP, “When the Canadian public is surveyed, they are almost invariably in favour of organ donation,” said [London,  Ontario kidney specialist] Dr. [David] Hollomby. “The problem,” he says is that “most doctors fail to ask families of dying patients to consent to a donation, and cash-strapped hospitals are often reluctant to pay to keep potential donors on life support until a matching recipient can be located.”

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