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Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators urging them to stop expanding assisted suicide

(LifeSiteNews) – Promoters of a new documentary film highlighting how assisted suicide in Canada has led to thousands of deaths as well as severe negative impacts on those who work in palliative care hospices are hopeful a cross-country viewing tour will educate Canadians on the realities of government-sanctioned death by displaying the horrific realities of legal euthanasia.

The North American version of the film, which runs 43 minutes, is titled The Story of Euthanasia. One of the film promotors, Angelina Ireland, executive director of the Delta Hospice Society, told LifeSiteNews the film is “very timely and important as it discusses the impacts of euthanasia legislation in Canada.”

“Trinitas Film has created this documentary to discuss the plague of euthanasia in Canada by interviewing Dr. Will Johnston, myself, and an Orthodox priest,” she said.

The “beautiful and timely film” was created, Ireland said, by local filmmakers Alice V.L. and Jay Hou from Trinitas Film.

According to Trinitas’ synopsis of its documentary, Canadian “Euthanasia law is complex and controversial.”

“The film combines Western and Eastern points of view, gathering medical professionals and religious leaders to explain philosophical belief, moral conflict and social impact concerning legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide,” Trinitas noted.

Dr. Johnston talks in the film about how in modern-day Canada the “lie” — that palliative care somehow is not good enough to help patients who are near the end of their life — has allowed Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), as it is coined by the government, to proliferate.

“I tend not to use the word MAiD because it’s a euphemism,” he noted in the documentary.

“It’s a way of papering over of what is really an evil thing that is going on which is infecting our society with a kind of a mind virus, a kind of a virus that stops people from thinking clearly about the problem that is being managed.”

Ireland, through the DHS, has been helping to distribute The Story of Euthanasia across Canada.

While the film is available for free on Trinitas’ Rumble channel, Ireland, who has become one of Canada’s lead voices of opposition to MAiD, said she will be venturing “out on the road to find the people who will help protect our nation,” through a film promotion tour.

She told LifeSiteNews that she is now setting up speaking engagements across the country for interested groups to have “screening events.”

“I will talk to them about this predatory regime against Canadians called ‘MAiD,’ state euthanasia, and how we can protect each other,” Ireland said.

Ireland told LifeSiteNews that there has never been a “more desperate time in Canada to protect our people,” as those promoting MAiD are “greatly funded” and have the “favour of the courts, the government, the media and national lobby groups who are apparently even getting money from Pfizer!”

“60,000 Canadians have been MAiDed since this nightmare began, and each year we see a 30 percent increase in the killing from the year before,” she said.

“Team Life gets their assets expropriated or are bullied into submission. We have no other hope but to rely on the goodness and love of Canadians to protect their fellow citizens. We also ask God to be with us in a nation that has forsaken Him and forgotten the faith.”

The original version of the film includes an additional 20 minutes of interviews in Chinese with Taiwanese doctors and religious leaders.

“Taiwan is entering the debate about allowing euthanasia into their medical system and it is hoped that Taiwan will see the disaster ‘MAiD’ has become in Canada and decide to forgo the ‘progressive’ vision of killing sick and old people,” Ireland told LifeSiteNews.

Ireland runs one of Canada’s only fully pro-life hospices and has before warned that legal euthanasia has amended the Criminal Code to allow “agents of the state to kill us.”

The number of Canadians killed by lethal injection since 2016 stands at over 44,958, and many fear that because the official statistics are manipulated, that number may be even higher.

Indeed, a recent Statistics Canada update admitted to excluding euthanasia from its death totals despite it being the sixth-highest cause of mortality in the nation.

Last month, after pushback from pro-life, medical, and mental health groups as well as most of Canada’s provinces, the federal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delayed its planned expansion of MAiD to those suffering solely from mental illness to 2027.

Interested church or community groups interested in setting up a screening of the documentary can contact Ireland at 1-800-232-1589.

Options available to help vulnerable Canadians fight back against MAiD

Ireland knows what it means to be “highjacked” by the state. On March 29, 2021, the DHS was evicted from its two buildings after the Fraser Health Authority, one of five publicly funded healthcare regions in British Columbia, canceled the lease when the society refused to offer MAiD to its patients.

As it stands, DHS is currently operating out of a small office after its Irene Thomas Hospice and the Supportive Care Centre were taken by the Fraser Health Authority. DHS was given no compensation for its assets, which Ireland says has an estimated value of $9 million.

The DHS’ former Irene Thomas Hospice site is now run by the government, complete with euthanasia.

To combat the vulnerable falling victim to MAiD against their will, the DHS recently launched a national “Guardian Angels” initiative. This program aims to help ill and vulnerable Canadians stuck in the healthcare system have a personal advocate on their side to champion the “sanctity of life” over euthanasia.

In addition to its “Guardian Angels” advocacy program, DHS also has a Do Not Euthanize’ Advance Directive (DNE) program, which is a legal document protecting people against attempts to have their lives “terminated unnaturally” through lethal injection.

The DNE was officially launched in the summer of 2022. Ireland said at the time that it was a “proactive response to those who think that our people have no right to medical treatment or to life itself.”

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators urging them to stop expanding assisted suicide