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(LifeSiteNews) — Part three of the documentary series “Never Again” by Children’s Health Defense warns that the “extraordinarily evil” ideology behind Nazi Germany is manifesting today in biotech- and surveillance-enabled control of humanity.

In the third segment of her docuseries, Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav and the now-deceased Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, known for his successful COVID prophylaxis protocol, both caution that eugenics, the root of the Holocaust’s genocide, is still alive today, having only been “dormant” for a few decades, according to Zelenko.

Sharav suggested that eugenics ideology, which categorizes human beings as “inferior” or “superior,” threatens to ravage society through the use of transhumanist technology. While such technology is touted as enhancing our natural abilities, it is already expected that “mind reading” devices, for example, will be used to monitor brain activity in the workplace, triggering concerns that the tech will enable brain-based discrimination. Sharav pointed out that in theory transhumanist technology allows humans to be “totally” controlled.

“You’ve got biotechnology and surveillance technology, and when the two get together, that’s lethal. That leads to genocide,” Sharav warned.

Zelenko pointed to a 2016 interview with World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab on French television in which Schwab predicted that implanted microchips would “certainly” emerge “within the next 10 years,” first in “wearables” like our clothes, and then “in our brains or in our skin.”

“And in the end, maybe, there will be a direct communication between our brain and the digital world,” Schwab added.

Regarding this prediction, Zelenko simply raised questions for the listener to ponder: “First of all, why? Second of all, how do you get 7 billion people to do anything willingly?”

Noting that the eugenics ideology behind the slaughter of those deemed “subhuman” “didn’t go away,” Zelenko, who was himself Jewish, contends that the idea is “not anti-Semitic.”

“In reality, many of the perpetrators are Jews. It’s something else. It’s demonic,” he said.

He went on to suggest that this demonic mentality is behind those who wish to create a “new world order,” a term that has been openly used by public officials, especially recently. The phrase was used by George H.W. Bush during a presidential address in 1990, by a senior Australian health officer in 2021 when she said that “We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the New World Order […],” and by New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard multiple times in the context of the COVID response.

“The New World Order is not some evolution of humanity. It’s a devolution of man back to paganism and idolatry and child sacrifice,” Zelenko declared.

He went on to highlight disturbing statements by Yuval Noah Harari, who has been endorsed by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Barack Obama.

“So this guy has the ears of the most powerful generals on the planet,” noted Zelenko, who then shared some of Harari’s public claims: “Humans are hackable animals; There’s no such thing as free will; There’s no such thing as a soul; COVID 19 marked an inflection point in history when digital 24/7 surveillance went under the skin.”

Zelenko pointed out that these are not just predictions but make up the “agenda” of those he referred to as “degenerates.” He warned that just as Adolf Hitler revealed his intentions “many years before he took power” in his book Mein Kampf, today’s powerful “degenerates” are openly revealing their sinister designs.

“The essence of evil is very interesting. It doesn’t hide its intentions. But people just don’t listen,” Zelenko said.

The documentary then featured statements in which Harari himself said today’s transhumanist technology is desirable to a tyrannical government akin to the Nazis.

“Neither the Gestapo nor the KGB could do it. But soon, at least some corporations and governments will be able to systematically hack all the people. We are no longer mysterious souls. We are now hackable animals … If this power falls into the hands of a 21st century Stalin, the result will be the worst totalitarian regime in human history,” Harari said during a 2020 talk at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, as shown in the documentary.

In a further caution to viewers about modern-day threats to freedom, Isyyes Keidar, whose grandmother survived the Holocaust, said she had told him that the Nazis were not “born monsters,” but “became monsters” in a gradual process.

Moreover, they “never presented themselves as negative, destructive people,” but as a party “actually trying to make things better,” said Keidar. Every abuse of the Jews and other so-called “subhumans” was couched in benign motives.

“So when you were taken to a ghetto, it was for your own protection. When you were taken to a camp, you were told, ‘We have work for you there, and food and shelter,’” Keidar explained.

Even the worst of the Nazis were not easily identifiable by appearances as evil. Keidar shared that his grandmother had met the notorious Dr. Josef Mengele, known for his horrific experiments on prisoners. According to Keidar’s grandmother, Mengele seemed to be a “cold, calculating,” person, but one “couldn’t tell he was this monster.” He appeared, rather, to be “neutral.”

Breaking the veil of the real conspirators

Deadly abuse has been inflicted on humans on a global scale in just the past few years through COVID-19, creating a pretext for the beginnings of modern-day tyranny, according to Sharav and Zelenko. However, this time around, most of those responsible have been involved stealthily, under cover.

According to Sharav, it is reasonable to believe that the COVID-19 outbreak was planned since the U.S. government has for years been funding “illegal biowarfare research under the euphemism gain of function,” as directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci. She also pointed to evidence showing that the virus originated from the Wuhan lab in China “within the context of gain of function research.”

Zelenko also suggested there was foul play involved in the proposed solution to the virus, the mRNA so-called “vaccine” injections.

“There was academic malfeasance. There was media complicity. Politicians then took all this false narrative and propaganda and issued policies of absolute tyranny … and then industry was there to pounce.”

To shed light on the “muscle” and “power” behind this conspiracy, Zelenko pointed to a “common denominator” in the different sectors involved.

“If people really look, they’ll find out that 70% of the world’s corporate wealth is managed by two companies, BlackRock and Vanguard. They’re a monopoly because they invest in each other … ”

“In other words … they own Pepsi, they own Coke. They own CNN, they own FOX. Get it? And through endowments they control media and academia. So I challenge people to break the veil, the corporate veil, of the Vanguard-BlackRock monopoly, and you will get closer to the real conspirators,” Zelenko said.

Sharav also raised questions about Bill Gates, who exerts massive power over worldwide health policy through his funding of groups like the World Health Organization. She pointed out that he has ties to eugenics, such as through his funding of population control efforts in places like Africa, a practice that has been a “central axis of eugenics movements across the globe for more than a century.”

Gates’ family has frequently worked with the Rockefellers, who have helped fund the Eugenics Record Office (ERO) and sponsored eugenics studies at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.

According to Sharav, people should find it troubling that Gates speaks as if he’s involved in public health decision making, such as regarding “vaccination” for COVID-19, including by saying things like, “We didn’t do quite what we had wanted.”

“Who elected him? Who is he accountable to?” Sharav questioned.

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