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July 19, 2021 (LifeSiteNews— Emoji developers have proposed two new emoji designs in honor of World Emoji Day that depict a pregnant man and a pregnant androgynous person.  

Pregnant Man and Pregnant Person were designed to “recognize that pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people,” according to Emojipedia

The shocking designs, promoting the nonsensical idea of “trans pregnancy,” appear on an emoji draft list on Emojipedia alongside other emoji designs meant to illustrate radical “inclusivity” and other leftist ideas. For example, the androgynous, interracial Person with Crown is meant to be “a gender-inclusive alternative to the existing emojis for Princess and Prince,” and Coral will be “used as an icon to discuss climate change, given the impact of rising global temperatures on coral reefs.” 

Designs for a “Gender Inclusive Dancer” emoji are also being explored. 

“The above additions will mean that nearly all emojis can have default a gender neutral option, with choice to use a woman or man where relevant,” the website says beneath the designs. 

The emojis have not yet been approved or released by the Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit organization which oversees emoji designs on devices.  

Approved emojis are set to be published in September, and will appear on Google Pixel devices in October-December 2021, on Apple and Samsung devices in January-June 2022, and on Facebook and Twitter in January-June 2022. 

vote for the Most Anticipated Emoji, organized by Emojipedia as a way to gauge public opinion, showed that only 5.3 percent of fans were anticipating the Pregnant Man emoji. The vote is not part of the approval process.