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A scene from 'The Mick' with Ben wearing a dress

WARNING: The story includes links to Fox video trailers containing vulgar material.

January 5, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — A new FOX comedy, The Mick, takes edgy, crude and inappropriate to a whole new low by including young children in heavily sexualized plot lines, crude sexual humor, all-around rotten morals, and a gratuitous plug for Planned Parenthood.  

The Mick is about an irresponsible, poor, crass sister (Kaitlin Olson as Aunt Mickey) forced by circumstances to babysit the three children of her rich sister (the parents are dragged off in an FBI raid). Based on several Fox promotional YouTube snippets, the show is a smorgasbord of the crude one-liners, immature sexual humor, vulgarity, promiscuity, binge drinking, perversion, and left-wing social activism — much of it involving children.

That includes an awkward, free commercial for Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider, uttered in one scene by the The Mick’s snotty teenager, Sabrina (Sofia Black-D’Elia).

Writes Lindsay Kornick with the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters: “There is nothing decent about The Mick. Not the topic, not the characters, and most definitely not the humor.”

A small sample of videos for The Mick contains an incredible array of inappropriate sexual banter, nastiness, deceit, over-the-top snark, and smut, including:

  • A YouTube spoof for the show has Olson pitching the hashtag “#KidsAreDicks” to promote the show on Twitter. Her teenage niece, sitting next to her, agrees that it’s a great idea. A faux marketing guy in the video responds, “Calling kids ‘dicks’ — that’s not very appropriate!” (Get it? The entire show is “inappropriate.”) A subsequent #KidsAreDicks “Snapchat promotion” appeared on the Fox website. Snapchat is a video and photo-story app used widely by children.

  • Apparently, the youngest child, Ben (Jack Stanton), has severe gender confusion issues, which of course are more fodder for shock-humor on the show. See the 1:50 mark in this “Teaser Trailer #4” video where Aunt Mickey tells Ben (wearing a dress and apparently on their way to school), “You look really good in that dress, by the way.” He responds, “Thanks. It kind of breezes on my vagina.” Then Aunt Mickey responds, “Yeah, maybe don’t mention that, though.”

  • The teenage daughter and disrespectful, spoiled brat Sabrina tells Aunt Mickey that she is busy and can’t stay home as requested, saying, “I’m going to go to a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood.” Then this twisted dialogue ensues:

Sabrina: Maybe you don't know this, but Planned Parenthood provides healthcare to over three million women in this country.

Mick: Oh, sweetie, I know all about Planned Parenthood. I should have one of those punch cards that gets you a free sub every 10 visits.

Sabrina: Gross.

Mick: No, I just meant … I-I never got, like … Uh … I just had a bunch of bacterial infect — you know what?

Sabrina: Ew.

  • Aunt Mickey is walking with Ben on a trail near an ice cream stand. She asks the boy if he is hungry, then is shown starting a fire in a nearby garbage can as a diversion so she can steal two ice creams. When the boy asks, “Why didn’t we pay for it?” she answers: “I didn’t have any money.”

  • Young Ben, hearing lots of noise upstairs: “What the heck is going on up there?” Aunt Mickey: “Your sister's getting f-u-u-u-r-urniture delivered.”

  • Sitting at a Japanese restaurant, older nephew Chip (Thomas Barbusca) tells brother Ben that he’ll pay him $1,000 to lick the grill at the table. (They’re rich, so Chip has the money on him.) Ben accepts and burns his tongue badly. The next scene shows Ben with what is ostensibly a protective mouth harness–but critics of The Mick say it is a “kinky” sexual joke as it resembles a mouth gag used in sadomasochistic perversion.

  • When Aunt Mickey is dropping off Chip at school and sees a bigger classmate bully him by swatting him on the head, she tells Chad, “Next time he gives you crap, yank his pants down and point at his tiny pecker.” Later the boy apparently takes her advice and gets beaten up, with his face badly bloodied. (There is a lot of violence and blood spilled in The Mick.)

  • Aunt Mickey secretly puts drugs in the beer of the family maid to get her to go partying with her. It works, and in 10 minutes the maid is wildly intoxicated. Aunt Mickey apparently also slips sleeping pills into her niece’s drink to put her to sleep in another scene.

  • The F-bomb flies freely in the show, or at least in the YouTube promos, even at birthday parties.

Liberal critics are heaping praise upon The Mick and comparing it with the similarly edgy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which also stars Olson.

Take Action: Contact the Fox network (888-369-4762) and tell them that featuring young children in crude sexual situations and exposing them to vulgarity and promiscuity — while promoting abortion-on-demand provider Planned Parenthood — is not funny. Urge Fox to pull The Mick.