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CONCORD, New Hampshire, February 26, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — The New Hampshire attorney general’s office is moving to confiscate voting machines that were found to have “shorted” Republican candidates by 6% of votes in the 2020 election.

After a 24-vote margin in a state race triggered a recount in the city of Windham, officials found that vote scanners owned by Dominion Voting Systems shorted Republican candidates between 297 and 303 votes, or 6% of the total vote.

A Democratic candidate for state representative, Kristi St. Laurent, meanwhile, received 99 more votes than were actually cast for her.

“Either the machines were programmed to reflect unwarranted adjustments in multiples of 100 to the totals of all Republicans and the top voter receiver among Democrats or a significant number of ballots were double counted during the (recount) process,” St. Laurent told the New Hampshire ballot law commission last year. She described the glitch as a “massive and bizarre discrepancy between the results.”

The decades-old machines in question, which have yet to be audited, have lacked security updates for years, Patch reported, and may be employed in over 85% of New Hampshire towns.

“The device was originally manufactured by Unisys, then by Global Elections Systems Inc., which are no longer in business,” assistant attorney general Nicholas Chong Yen told Patch.

“The device used in New Hampshire is no longer being manufactured. Dominion (Voting Systems) owns the intellectual property of the AccuVote and its related election management system but does not manufacture the device,” he added.

Though state and local officials have petitioned the New Hampshire attorney general’s office to look into the Windham glitch, a full investigation has yet to materialize. Yen has claimed that the attorney general has “no statutory authority” to conduct “an audit of the ballot counting devices where there is no basis to suspect an election law violation.”

“However … his Election Law office requested and subsequently received town documents, but continued to assert that they didn’t have the authority to check the ballots or investigate the machines despite the language in [New Hampshire statutes] which specifically gives them that authority,” Republican state senator Bob Giuda has said.

“They have no intention of doing what’s actually necessary to get to the heart of the issue: rerun the ballots through the machines, and perform a hand count to determine the actual number of ballots that were cast,” Giuda wrote on Facebook. “What could have been considered an excusable error in judgment is now beginning to look like malfeasance.”

Giuda and senate colleagues from both parties unanimously passed legislation earlier this week to force an audit in Windham. The bill now heads to the Republican-controlled state House of Representatives, before consideration by GOP Gov. Chris Sununu, who has endorsed it.

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In response to the senate vote, the New Hampshire attorney general’s office has determined to “take possession” of the machines, according to leaked emails.

“In anticipation of the passage of SB43 by the Legislature, the Attorney General’s and Secretary of State’s Offices would like to schedule a time to take possession of Windham’s ballot counting devices (BCDs) and associated materials,” Yen wrote to Windham officials on Monday.

“That sound [sic] like a nice way to say ‘confiscate,’ and it is disturbing,” New Hampshire journalist Ken Eyring said. “The AG’s office wants Windham’s four Diebold AccuVote machines and all of the peripheral equipment, the original chain of custody logs, memory cards, and access keys for all four machines.”

“Something doesn’t smell right,” he said.

The New Hampshire attorney general’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment by LifeSiteNews.