RAMSEY, N.J., Nov 5 ( – A perfect Christmas gift for your teenagers has hit the market today with creation of a computer game called, “The Choice Game(TM).” The CD-game, two years in the making, uses cutting edge technology and speaks to youth in their own language and preferred medium instilling in them the values of respect for life, family, chastity and Christian faith.  The game explores the topics of dating, depression, unplanned pregnancy, sexual promiscuity, chastity, drugs, drinking and other youth oriented issues. 

Kathy DiFiore, producer of “The Choice Game(TM)”, and founder of the Several Sources Foundation told LifeSite that proceeds from the sale of the game will go to support the pro-life Several Sources Shelters and other programs for mothers, babies and inner city poor. DiFiore runs five shelters for pregnant women and has been working with the shelters for over eighteen years. DiFiore says that the game gives young people the “opportunity to learn in a game setting before making critical life choices.” 

Tested with hundreds of youth the game has proven a smash hit. Players decide what to say and do from a series of over 800 choices. While playing the game an angel and a demon appear to try to influences the choices to be made. The Player can “choose” to ignore one or both spiritual beings. “The Choice Game(TM)” uniquely offers a Catholic and a Non-Denominational version to be played with the option of “Live” Chat or “No Live” Chat. The Angel’s advice is tailored to either a Catholic or Protestant morality. The players can chat with others playing the game in the online version of “The Choice Game(TM).”

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of “Priests for Life” was the Senior Editor of the dialogue as spoken by the priest actors in the Catholic Version. The Non-Denominational Version of the game was edited by a committee chaired by Rev. Johnny M. Hunter, National Director L.E.A.R.N., Inc. 

The 2 CD-ROM interactive game is being sold at $19.95 (US) on the internet or by calling 201-818-9033, email [email protected] after Monday call 877-2BY-GAME.