State Supreme Court To Rule On Right to Life of Embryos

CAMDEN, NJ, Mar 1, 2001 ( – On Monday the Supreme Court of New Jersey heard arguments in the case of a Catholic man seeking to protect his frozen embryonic children from death. The parents of the embryos divorced in 1998 after having used in-vitro fertilization to create 11 embryos in 1995.” The ex-husband is arguing that there was an agreement before they underwent in-vitro fertilization that the unborn children created would not be destroyed. He is now asking that the remaining seven frozen embryos be allowed to be used by a potential future spouse or donated to an infertile couple. However, the ex-wife wants the embryos destroyed saying that otherwise she will “become a parent against her wishes.”

The state appeals court had ruled previously in favour of the woman on the case but the Supreme Court ordered that the embryos should not be killed pending appeal. The Newark Star-Ledger reports that Supreme Court decisions in Tennessee and Massachusetts and New York have ruled that embryos cannot be used by one parent over the objections of another. In Tennessee and Massachusetts the courts ruled the embryos should be destroyed and in New York they ruled that the fertility clinic could use the embryos for research.

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