PERTH AMBOY, New Jersey, February 1, 2011 ( – Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey (PPCNJ) has said that the actions of an employee caught cooperating with an undercover investigator posed as a pimp engaged in illegal sex trafficking of minors violate the organization’s “core values.”

Phyllis Kinsler, chief executive officer of PPCNJ, stated that the conduct recorded in a newly released undercover video “violates PPCNJ policies, as well as our core values of protecting the welfare of minors and complying with the law, and appropriate action is being taken,” according to an Associated Press report.

The national Planned Parenthood office has similarly called the employee’s videotaped conduct “not consistent” with the organization’s policies, saying the video was “under review.”

The undercover footage released by the pro-life group Live Action shows a PPCNJ manager on Jan 11, 2010 advising a “pimp” and his female companion at length on how to keep their illegal sex trafficking operation under the radar while obtaining STD testing, birth control, and abortions for prostitutes as young as 14.

After several liberal critics questioned the “heavy editing” of the film, Live Action quickly released the uncut version of the footage to prove that the Planned Parenthood employee’s words had not been distorted by the group.

The video was released just days after Planned Parenthood’s (PP) leadership announced that they had requested an FBI investigation into a possible underage sex trafficking ring. In a press release the abortion giant announced that nearly a dozen of their clinics had been visited by a man, sometimes accompanied by a woman, who claimed to be running an underage sex ring. PP said they had identified the man and believed that he was affiliated with Live Action.

In a Facebook post today, Planned Parenthood said that, “What appears on edited tapes made public today is not consistent with Planned Parenthood’s practices.” The post referred readers to a Media Matters article that suggests that the Live Action video is a “hoax,” because “Planned Parenthood reported the potential sex trafficking to the Attorney General and the FBI. So clearly, Planned Parenthood wasn’t trying to cover anything up.”

Live Action rose to national prominence through a series of undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood employees covering up statutory rape of young girls and helping them obtain secret abortions.

Live Action President Lila Rose has stated that she is sending letters as well as the uncut video footage to Attorney General Holder and federal and state investigators.

Leaders of top pro-life organizations, including the Susan B. Anthony List, New Jersey Right to Life, the Family Research Council, Priests for Life, and Concerned Women for America condemned the abortion employee’s videotaped conduct.

“Imagine the crushing despair of a trafficking victim, taken outside the shadows to a ‘respectable’ government-funded health care provider, only to learn that they are partnering with the trafficker to assist his illegal abuse,” said Concerned Women for America CEO Wendy Wright. “This latest tape confirms that Planned Parenthood continues to partner with abusing men against the women and girls they claim to serve.”

New Jersey state Senator Michael Doherty also called for state and federal law enforcement to investigate Planned Parenthood, which receives millions in state and federal taxpayer funds each year, based on the video’s contents. A spokesman for New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow said that the office is “looking into the allegations.”