New Liberal Leader Stephane Dion: Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexual ‘Marriage’ and a Citizen of France

by John-Henry Westen

Stephane DionMONTREAL, December 4, 2006 ( - Following the surprise election of Stephane Dion to the Leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, spoke with the President of Campaign Life Coalition Quebec (Campagne Quebec Vie - CQV) for analysis.  Luc Gagnon told that Dion is “surely not a social conservative.”

  Gagnon admitted that information on Dion is sparse but that the new Leader is definitely in favour of homosexual ‘marriage’ and also supports the status quo of abortion on demand. Gagnon recalled that the former President of CQV Gilles Grondin met with Dion four years ago and that Dion “showed no sign of sympathy for the pro-life cause.”

  Prior to the Leadership vote made several calls to Dion’s communications people to determine if he would, like the two leading contenders in the race - Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff - force the Liberal caucus to vote against consideration of returning to the traditional definition of marriage.  However, as of this morning, Dion remained undecided on the issue. 

  Asked in a scrum this morning if he would ask his “caucus to vote one way or the other,” Dion responded, “To me it is a matter of the Charter of Rights; you don’t pick and choose rights.  It’s also a matter of abusing the House, because I don’t see how the Minister of Justice may end up with a law that’s constitutional the way the motion is phrased.  But I need to discuss about this with my caucus; this morning we did not address this issue.”

  Gagnon expressed concern that Mr. Dion may not be quick to protect religious freedom.  He noted that Dion would “not be interested in defending our moral views in the public square.”  He said that Dion was raised in a family which disdained the influence of the Church in society.  “His father Leon Dion was more a liberal of the 50-60s against the influence of the Church in Quebec society,” Gagnon told

  The publisher of Western Standard magazine, Ezra Levant, wrote a column in today’s Calgary Herald pointing out that Dion is a citizen of France as he retains dual citizenship.  “Imagine the shrieks from the media if the Conservatives were to elect a leader who is a dual citizen of the U.S.,” wrote Levant.  “He would be called a U.S. poodle at best or a spy at worst.”

  Levant quotes Dion discussing the matter with the press prior to his election as Leader: “Multiple identities should be seen as an asset, not a threat.  There is nothing wrong with multiple identities. The hearts of people are big enough to accept different identities. Canadian citizenship will give me my rights. Identity is the way I feel about the country.”

  See the full column by Levant here: 

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