September 24, 2009 ( – Because of the volume of LSN reports related to the Kennedy funeral scandal and the ongoing discussions across North America about the implications of the event, LifeSiteNews has published a Feature Page listing all LSN reports on this subject.

We hope the web page will facilitate well informed evaluation of what actually took place on the day of the funeral and an accurate understanding of what was actually said by LifeSiteNews and various notable persons about this important issue. 

LifeSiteNews and most pro-life leaders in North America and Europe consider the manner in which the Kennedy funeral was conducted to be of great concern and a serious undermining of their intense, many years long efforts – hence, the volume of articles and public comments that followed the funeral.

We hope many regular readers and others will take advantage of this useful resource and that it will lead to a stronger witness to the sanctity of human life and actions to defend the lives of the unborn.

See the LifeSiteNews Kennedy Funeral Scandal page at