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(LifeSiteNews) — A county in New Mexico became the first to establish itself as a “sanctuary” for the unborn, joining over 60 cities in passing the ordinance. 

“An Ordinance Requiring Compliance With Federal Abortion Laws” passed by a 5-0 vote at the December 8 meeting. Lea County borders Texas and pro-abortion activists see New Mexico as a safe haven for women in states like Texas that have restrictions on abortion.

The ordinance requires the county to comply with federal law against the distribution of abortion drugs, such as RU-486, through the mail.  

Federal law imposes felony criminal liability on every person who ships or receives abortion pills or abortion-related paraphernalia in interstate or foreign commerce,” the ordinance noted. 

“The state constitution of New Mexico does not and cannot secure a right, privilege, or immunity to act in violation of federal statutes,” the ordinance continued.

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It calls on the current and any future federal prosecutors for New Mexico to enforce the law against mail-order abortions. 

Just last month, city council members in Hobbs, a New Mexico city, passed a similar ordinance.

Fighting against protections for the unborn, the state’s governor, Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham, has ordered $10 million to be used to build an abortion facility near the New Mexico-Texas border.  

Grisham also vowed to fight to make sure her state is a safe haven for abortionists who break abortion laws in other states. She said she will refuse to extradite criminal abortionists back to other states for prosecution.