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Miley Cyrus in the music video for her song 'Nothing Breaks Like a Heart'YouTube screenshot

December 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A new Miley Cyrus music video shows Catholic priests inside a strip club.

In her newly released Nothing Breaks Like a Heart music video with Mark Rondon, the star who got her start on the Disney Channel shows her mostly nude backside and is pursued in a car chase.

Protestors lining the road in support of Cyrus during the police chase include a group of nuns and someone dressed like Jesus. Two women in a hot tub lean in to kiss each other during the video as well.


“The video alludes to many of the political and social issues in America right now,” The Sun noted. It also features football players kneeling, an apparent reference to athletes’ protests of the national anthem.

The clerics in Cyrus’ video are ogling female strippers, even though the majority of the sex abuse cases plaguing the Church involve pederast priests preying on younger males.

“Another music video that attacks Christians, my, how edgy,” quipped Dan Gainor, vice president of culture and business at the Media Research Center. “Miley jams every lefty talking point she could into her latest song – kids shooting guns, athletes kneeling, and priests lusting after women in a strip club. It’s all meant to talk about a broken world and instead underlines how broken pop culture has become.”


“The video ends with Miley standing above the ground, arms outstretched like Jesus,” Gainor noted. “Can you imagine a pop singer mocking Islam or even Wicca like this? Media would never let her get away with that.”