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September 29, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – An Italian non-profit association is appealing for scientists and lawyers to help it develop a worldwide networked-campaign to combat the growing totalitarian health tyranny which serves the interests of globalist oligarchs. 

Originating from a public appeal issued by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to “Save the Church and the World,” the professional association is constituted upon the three pillars of science, ethics, and law. Archbishop Viganò is the Vatican's former Apostolic Nuncio to the U.S.A. He exposed cover-ups of sexual abuse and financial improprieties, and has called for the scrapping of the near sixty-year-old liberalising experiment undertaken at the Second Vatican Council to open up the Church to the flow of the modern world. 

Vicit Leo's Scientific Committee includes notable scientists such as the infectious disease specialist Fabio Franchi and Stefano Scoglio, a 2018 nominee for the Nobel Prize in Medicine. 

Its president, Pierfrancesco Belli, a specialist in Clinical Risk and Health Management, recently initiated criminal proceedings against the director of the Mother and Child Hospital in Verona. The authorities of the hospital, unquestioning and subservient functionaries of W.H.O. diktats, neglected for years to report the presence of Citrobacter at the hospital, resulting in 96 children being infected. Sadly, four children died and a further nine are suffering from brain damage. 

In Rovigo, another Italian town, Vicit Leo is focussing its legal activity against the horrific childbirth practice known as the Kristeller Manoeuvre which is seriously injuring mothers and babies. A massive enquiry has been launched and criminal prosecutions will be brought against those operators who practice the technique with barbaric violence. 

Vicit Leo's strategy of applying pressure on the ground against functionaries of the Health Dictatorship is spreading. In Lima, Peru, lawyers led by Carlos Goméz and Beatriz Mejía are pursuing legal action against the Peruvian government and the W.H.O., accusing them of manslaughter and other crimes. 

Meanwhile, back in Italy, Vicit Leo's Scientific Committee insists that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has never actually been isolated, characterised, or quantified, and it is loudly challenging the Italian government's Technical-Scientific Committee to produce scientific evidence showing the isolation of SARS-CoV-2 according to Koch's postulates. 

These postulates constitute the long-accepted international scientific norms of microbiological research needed to properly identify a virus and establish whether or not a micro-organism causes disease. Legitimate vaccine preparation cannot be undertaken without the exact genomic material that constitutes a virus being properly identified and characterised. Which laboratories have isolated the virus? Where is the peer-reviewed scientific literature in which the results have been published? 

How can public health policies enforcing invasive swab tests be of any value when laboratories do not even know the genetic markers that define the new coronavirus? 

The Vicit Leo Association can be contacted at here.