New Orleans Hospital Workers Subpoenaed for Euthanasia Investigation

NEW ORLEANS, October 28, 2005 ( – Subpoenas for 73 staff workers from New Orleans Memorial Medical Center have been issued by the state’s Attorney General, after allegations that patients there were euthanized following hurricane Katrina.

The subpoenas were issued because of the number of nurses refusing to speak to state investigators, Attorney General Charles Foti Jr. told USA TODAY Wednesday. A hospital memo told employees that they were not under any obligation to speak to investigators. “[Hospital staff] should not be trying to hide something or stand behind legalese,” Foti said.

Investigators are still awaiting autopsy results from the 45 people who died at Memorial after the hurricane August 29th. Dr. Bryant King told CNN news earlier this month that he was convinced euthanasia had taken place at the hospital. He abandoned the hospital and his patients rather than participate, he said.

An anonymous doctor admitted to euthanizing several patients to the UK’s The Mail on Sunday news soon after the ordeal. The doctor admitted to giving lethal injections of morphine. “If the first dose was not enough, I gave a double dose. It came down to giving people the basic human right to die with dignity.”

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