LONDON, January 25, 2011 ( – The British coalition government, composed of the centre-left Conservatives and the far left Liberal Democrats, has adopted a scheme by homosexualist activists to normalize homosexual activity by seeding it throughout the curriculum in the nation’s schools.  Critics have blasted the plan for distracting from the task of teaching of the core subjects at a time when British students are increasingly falling behind in areas such as reading, writing and math.

Sue Sanders, the head of School’s Out, an affiliate group of the country’s leading homosexualist political lobby, said, “These lessons are not big tub-thumping lessons about LGBT and nothing else.

“All we are attempting to do is remind teachers that LGBT people are part of the population and you can include them in most of your lessons when you are thinking inclusively.”

The lessons were written by teachers who are involved in School’s Out. One of them, David Watkins, told media, “We don’t want teachers to start out saying ‘This is a gay lesson.’ We just want lessons that don’t ignore that there are lesbian and gay people who suffer from issues and problems.

“When you have a maths problem, why does it have to involve a straight family or a boyfriend and girlfriend? Why not two boys or two girls? It’s not about teaching about gay sex, it is about images and exposing children to the idea that there are other types of people out there.”

A spokesman for the Department for Education spokesman said in a statement, “These are optional teaching materials. It is for head[master] and teachers to choose the most appropriate teaching resources to help promote equality and tolerance.”

The program, funded by a grant of £35,000 from the Training and Development Agency For Schools, a quasi-non-governmental organization, will include references to homosexuality and “transsexuals” in math, design and technology, languages, geography and science lessons. It is scheduled to go into classrooms in time for the start of “LGBT History Month” – a promotional campaign sponsored by Stonewall – in February. 

Language lessons will encourage students to use the vocabulary developed by the homosexualist political lobby. In sciences, students could study animal species in which the male takes a leading role in raising young, such as emperor penguins and sea horses, and class discussions could focus on “different family structures.” In geography, students could examine the transformation of San Francisco’s Castro district from a working-class Irish area to the world’s first “gay neighbourhood.”

The scheme has been criticized by Conservative backbencher Craig Whittaker, a member of the Parliamentary education select committee, who called it “nonsense.”

“We have enough problems in our country where we are too far down the national comparative league tables in core subjects. Teachers should concentrate on teaching the core subjects, so we become the best at those again. I don’t see how introducing LGBT themes into those subjects is going to help.”

The most recent annual rankings for education around the world, compiled by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), placed British schools behind Poland, Japan, Australia, Estonia and Norway in math, science and reading skills among secondary students. The UK placed somewhere in the lower middle of 65 countries, coming in 20th in reading skills, 22nd in math and 11th in sciences.

“This is not about being homophobic, because there are other schemes around the education system which support the LGBT agenda,” added Whittaker.

John O’Connell of the non-partisan Taxpayers’ Alliance criticized the fact that public funds being spent to further the political and social agenda of a special interest group. “Parents will wonder if this is a right use of funds and time, particularly when we keep hearing how tight budgets are.”