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PRINCETON, New Jersey, November 26, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) — Princeton public school teachers must call boys “girls,” if they so “identify,” and may not even tell their parents what sex the child is, or wants to be, if a new proposal is implemented.

The city Board of Education is considering a policy which forces Princeton Public Schools to withhold a student's gender identity to anyone, including parents.

The policy proposal states that a high school, junior high, elementary, or kindergarten student's chosen sex is up to the student, or, up to the parents of young students.  The policy says that schoolteachers, staff, and administrators may not determine a student's gender.

The proposed policy accepts as established fact that a student may choose to “identify” as a man, a woman, or as “gender non-conforming.”

Perhaps most significantly, the proposal would force teachers and staff to accept a student's gender confusion, and approvingly use whatever pronoun (“his,” “her”) the student prefers.

Penalties are not enumerated, but the policy states that teachers and staff will be held “accountable” for conforming to students’ chosen gender.  Furthermore, the proposal says the district must “investigate” any claim of “discrimination” against anyone over gender identity.

“We are very concerned by this policy, because we see a government organization usurping the authority of parents,” stated Len Deo, President of the New Jersey Family Policy Council, a group that stands for parental rights and family integrity.

Deo told LifeSiteNews, “We are most concerned (that)…if the policy were implemented, it would prevent school staff from revealing a student's gender identity to anyone, including the student's parents.”

“Once again, we see the state attempting to reach into the family, and assert they are better suited to handle these situations than the child’s parents,” Deo concluded.  “That is just wrong.”

Additionally, “students shall have access to the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity.”  The same would apply to locker rooms, which will accommodate both girls and boys-identifying-as-girls in women's showers, and boys with girls-identifying-as-boys in men's showers.

Earlier this year, Princeton University switched campus single-stall bathrooms to “gender-neutral” bathrooms.

The next board meeting will be held next month.