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Following unsubstantiated media reports about Catholic atrocities, Sacred Heart Church on Penticton Indian Band Land was set on fire. Global News / video screenshot


(LifeSiteNews) – A new poll shows that most Canadians have become increasingly concerned that political leaders and media are “purposely trying to mislead people.” 

Recently, the global communications firm Edelman released their 2022 Trust Barometer  recording public responses to societal institutions and issues, which shows most Canadians distrust mainstream media.  

A majority of Canadians believesocietal leaders’ are misleading them, with seventy-one percent expressing concern over “fake news being used as a weapon.” 

Regarding news and information, more than half of Canadians distrust traditional media, while from forty-nine to twenty-one percent respectively distrust search engines, owned media, and social media.  

The report also asked Canadians if they believe certain groups “are purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations.”  

Sixty-one percent of Canadians agreed regarding journalists, a jump of twelve percent from 2021. Similarly, business and government leaders are distrusted by sixty and fifty-eight percent of Canadian respectively.  

Additionally, more than half of Canadians agreed with the statement that Canadians “lack the ability to have constructive and civil debates about issues they disagree on.” 

Regarding institutions, Canadians place the most trust in their employers, followed by NGOs, business, government, and finally media.  

However, on an individual level, Canadians most trust scientists; journalists, government leaders, and CEOs are last.  

Many mainstream media outlets, financially supported in part by the Trudeau government, misrepresented the Freedom Convoy this January. While mainstream media trumpeted claims of the protest being ‘violent,’ evidence showed that this was incorrect.

In February, Canadian and American media outlets, including the left-wing Washington Post, were condemned for using hacked information to allegedly harass individuals who donated to participants of the Freedom Convoy 

Additionally, mainstream media routinely ignores or downplays the annual National March for Life in downtown Ottawa.