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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – As the scandal-plagued federal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sinks lower in popularity, about half of Canadians want an election to be called now and not wait for 2025, according to results from a new Nanos Research poll.

The poll, commissioned by CTV News and published January 3, shows that 46% of Canadians expressed a desire for the federal election to take place sooner rather than the latest mandated 2025.

Twenty-nine percent of poll respondents want an election now while 17% wanted it before 2024. Around 33% said the election should wait until 2025, with 17% not caring when the election should be held.

Interestingly, it showed that 36% of men want an election earlier as opposed to only 23% of women.

When it comes to age groups, most Canadians over age 55 (41%) prefer to wait until 2025. Younger groups such as ages 18 to 34, sit at only 26% support for waiting until 2025 for an election, with that number going up to 38% for ages 35-54.

Forty-one percent of western Canadians want an immediate election to be called, which is higher than all other regions in Canada. The survey, conducted November30-December 2, involved 1,069 Canadians from all demographics.

The poll results came at the same time a Conservative MP-backed petition demanding a vote of no confidence and an election call against Trudeau and his Liberal government finished with nearly 400,000 signatures.

The official petition, initiated by Peterborough, Ontario resident Melissa Outwater and sponsored by CPC Michelle Ferreri, who represents the Peterborough-Kawartha, Ontario riding, finished with a record 386,698 signatures.

However, the NDP has an informal coalition with the Trudeau government that began last year, agreeing to support and keep the Liberals in power until the next election is mandated by law in 2025. Until the NDP decides to break ranks with the Liberals, an early election call is unlikely.

Trudeau liberals would be crushed if election were held today, latest poll shows

Recent polls show that the scandal-plagued government has sent the Liberals into a nosedive with no end in sight. Per a recent LifeSiteNews report, according to polls, were a Canadian federal election held today, Conservatives under leader Pierre Poilievre would win a majority in the House of Commons over Trudeau’s Liberals.

The Conservative Party of Canada under Poilievre, according to the most recent Nanos federal poll, leads with 40.3% of voter support, with Liberals coming in at 26.6% and the New Democratic Party (NDP) at 18.1%.

The Nanos poll shows that Poilievre is the leader for the next prime minister at 33%, followed by Trudeau at 21.4% and the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh at 15.2%.

Trudeau’s popularity has been falling and his government has been embroiled in scandal after scandal, the latest being a controversy involving a three-year carbon tax “pause” he announced on home heating oil but only in Atlantic Canadian provinces.

Trudeau has also drawn the ire of many Canada premiers, five of whom have banded together to demand he drop the carbon tax on home heating bills for all provinces, saying his policy of giving one region a tax break over another has caused “divisions.”

Even top Liberal party stalwarts have called for him to resign.

Most of the recent polls place the Conservatives as winning more than 200 seats, which would double the party’s current seat count. The Liberals would lose nearly 100 seats, placing them at levels not seen in over 10 years.

As it stands, Liberals have 158 seats to the Conservatives’ 117, with the Bloc Quebecois having 35 and the NDP 25. There are three independent MPs and two Green MPs. One seat is vacant. A party needs at least 170 seats to form a majority government.