OTTAWA, August 7, 2003 ( – A newly released JMCK poll which   concluded its survey of the Canadian public on August 2, has found a majority of Canadians opposed to homosexual ‘marriage’.  Conversely, a recent Environics poll which concluded its survey about a month before on July 6, found a majority in the opposite direction.  Analysts have noted the dramatic 28% shift in public opinion in the past month – from a 10% margin in favour to an 18% margin opposed.  One analyst told LifeSite a likely explanation is that the first poll was completed before the federal government’s announcement that it would support outright same-sex marriage in its reference to the Supreme Court on July 17, and before Canadian bishops began speaking out on the issue in response to the Vatican’s latest document.  In a similar scenario in the US, the debate over homosexuality and same-sex marriage heated up after the Lawrence vs. Texas decision, leading to a strong backlash against same-sex ‘marriage’.  See the coverage on the new poll in the National Post:

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