OTTAWA, August 11, 2003 ( – An Ipsos-Reid survey, done for CTV News and The Globe and Mail, has found that the Canadian public wants to see the legislatures making laws rather than the courts dictating them.  A national public-opinion poll indicates that 71 per cent of respondents agree that “it should be up to Parliament and provincial legislatures, not the courts, to make laws in Canada.”  Only 27 per cent of respondents said they disagreed with that statement with two per cent who did not know or refused to answer.  The Globe reports that on a separate question 54 per cent said they agreed “judges in Canada have too much power” with forty-four per cent disagreeing.  Like another poll conducted recently, the poll indicated that support for homosexual ‘marriage’ is dropping with a five per cent drop since last month when the federal government announced it would make homosexual ‘marriage’ law. Whereas, a previous Ipsos-Reid poll found public support for homosexual ‘marriage” at 54%, the current survey found an even split of 49% opposing and supporting the concept.

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