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(LifeSiteNews) — A new Disney movie with a pro-LGBT subplot has bombed at the box office, despite rolling out during the normally lucrative Thanksgiving weekend.

The Disney movie “Strange World” is a sci-fi movie that includes “a subplot where a homosexual 16-year-old boy named Ethan is ‘navigating’ a crush on another boy,” according to the Post Millennial. The character of Ethan is voiced by comedian Jaboukie Young-White.

The movie is expected to lose the company $100 million according to entertainment publication Variety.

The magazine reported:

The animated feature debuted dramatically behind expectations with $11.9 million from 4,174 North American theaters over the weekend and $18.6 million over the five-day holiday frame. Before projections were revised downward, the movie was expected to earn $30 million to $40 million between Wednesday and Sunday — and even those figures would have been unspectacular to start.

The movie comes months after Disney executives boasted about leaning into pro-LGBT content and engaged in a high-profile battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over his state’s anti-grooming law.

Cultural commentators were quick to point out that the flop could be linked to the movie’s woke agenda.

Disney’s new movie, #StrangeWorld is flopping at the box office, earning less than $24 million over 5 days against its $180 million budget,” Eric July commented. “Mainstream creatives don’t care about these projects being successful so long as they spite the audience and their ideological enemies.”

“Disney has another flop on its hands, as the animated adventure Strange World proves a dud at the box office and moviegoers criticize it for what they see as forcing progressive ideology in a children’s movie,” The Daily Mail noted.

“Disney even tried to hide the fact Strange World featured teenage homosexuality,” Breitbart‘s John Nolte wrote. “It didn’t work. Disney’s predatory embrace of child grooming, drag queens, and advocating the mutilation of children on the altar of the sicko trans movement is no longer a secret. The Disney brand is forever damaged. Decent parents no longer trust Disney, nor should they.”

The Daily Wire‘s Greg Wilson pointed out that the failure of Strange World follows shortly after Disney unsuccessfully pushed another new pro-LGBT children’s movie earlier this year.

“Disney alienated many fans earlier this year when it featured a lesbian kiss in ‘Lightyear,’ the latest installment in its ‘Toy Story’ franchise,” Wilson wrote. “The company also didn’t feature conservative actor Tim Allen as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the film, which bombed at the box office.”