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(LifeSiteNews) — A direct-trade, high-caliber coffee company that supports life by donating 10 percent of every purchase to pregnancy care centers just launched this month.

Founder Anton Krecic explained to LifeSiteNews that Seven Weeks Coffee, made from top-quality beans sourced from the mountains of Ethiopia, was founded around a passion for coffee and for creating a value-based business that pro-life people can wholeheartedly support. It is named for the point at which a baby’s heart starts beating: seven weeks from conception.

The company mission centers on its namesake: To “cherish every beating heart,” Krecic told LifeSiteNews. “It’s life-saving work.”

Krecic was inspired to support pregnancy care centers after seeing firsthand how vital their role is “on the front lines defending life,” and as “kind of the hands and feet helping women in need.” He also saw how underfunded they can be, “>especially in inner cities.”

The 10 percent of each Seven Weeks Coffee purchase that is automatically set aside targets smaller pregnancy centers that “struggle to pay for equipment, rent, and staff,” and especially to fund ultrasounds. When combined with pro-life counseling, ultrasounds can be a decisive factor in inspiring women to choose life.

In automatically donating 10 percent of proceeds to support life, Krecic said, “it’s kind of like leading with a tithe. Giving back first.” He emphasized how important it is that his company is transparent about their donations, and pointed out that often “value-based companies hide behind” “ambiguous words like, ‘part of the proceeds’ or “a portion of the profits” will go to the cause.”

Krecic also noted, “As Christians and as conservatives, a lot of times we’re buying products from companies that dislike our values, and then actively supporting things we don’t like. Starbucks, for example, donates to Planned Parenthood.”

“They’ve also been involved in purchasing coffee from plantations that have had slave labor there. So there’s a real deep calling to create products, I believe, that align with our values.”

Krecic notes on his website that “Seven Weeks Coffee’s commitment to life starts at the source”: “When we first launched, it was a priority that we partner with a supplier who cared for the dignity of human life. We did not want our coffee to support the injustice that is taking place within the coffee industry.”

He explained to LifeSiteNews that these “terrible practices in the coffee industry” range from “child labor to forced labor, or almost slave labor, though very undercut wages,” and a kind of modern-day debt slavery by which farmers become severely indebted to the plantation owners.

Seven Weeks Coffee goes a step above fair-trade coffee by employing what’s called a direct-trade relationship. Krecic explained that his supplier “has a personal family relationship with the owners of the coffee washing station.”

“It’s new to the coffee industry. We don’t go through a middle man essentially. There’s no one between us and the coffee managers and exporters … and that’s where that transparency comes in. It’s clear that the farmers who bring their crop to market through our direct trade get paid legitimate wages; no one is undercut,” Krecic said.

“It’s coffee [that] from farm to cup is uplifting people all the way from Ethiopia to moms who are hearing their child’s heartbeat for the first time,” Krecic told LifeSiteNews.

Krecic emphasized that it’s important to him not just to support a worthy cause with Seven Weeks Coffee but to provide a product people will love.

“I want people to buy this product because they believe in the mission, but most importantly, I believe they’ll come back and purchase our coffee again because it’s really high quality coffee. I believe this is some of the best coffee on the market. Hands down.”

Krecic’s website explains that his supplier, Genesis Coffee Lab, uses High Mountain Coffee from a region of Ethiopia 6,500 feet above sea level. Coffee from such a source is often considered to be the superior coffee, in part because the cooler climate allows a denser seed with a more complex flavor profile.

Genesis Coffee Lab coffee products have consistently high ratings, with one reviewer   concluding, “Finally, our coffee search has finished.”

Seven Weeks Coffee is fresh off the ground, having started shipping product on November 4. Its small batch, air roasted, quality medium roast and dark roast coffee can be purchased at Krecic’s Seven Weeks Coffee website.

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